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Friday, November 19, 2010

Om Nom Nom Wedding!

With the Christmas season drawing ever nearer, the thought of "what on earth am i going to serve to these people!?" has occurred...

Well, first off, we've pretty much decided on doing a semi-potluck thing. (meaning we're providing the main meat and drinks and of course the cake and some desserts...) and everybody else can bring sides and vegan/veggie friendly meals. But now i'm dumped with the idea on what to serve as main dishes and such. So this is what i've come up with for ideas so far:

Since i have some weird problems with beef -- (let's just say we don't get along, Beef and i.... at all.... nor does most of my family on my dad's side) we're probably not going to serve it at the wedding. Those who were coming and looking forward to steak or something -- well, you're screwed. sorry. But i figured since it's going to be a Christmas wedding, why not have a christmas ham?? Why not decorate a big ham (or two... have i mentioned our familes are HUGE?) with the pineapples and the criss-cross, and the maple syrup, brown sugar, and ... and.... *drools*.

Yeah. you get my point. haha. But it'd be a simple easy thing we could come up with without having to send out cards going "beef, fish, or chicken?"

As for those who are Vegetarian/non-pork-lovers, i have no idea... i honestly only know 3 vegetarians, and the only food i've eaten from them is usually scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, or muffins baked in halfed-oranges (not counting all the ridiculously awesome brownies/blondies/cookies we've made...). While all being amazing and awesome in their own special "hey-i'm-spending-the-night-feed-me" way... they're not exactly wedding fodder... o.O I'm hoping to talk to these vegetarians and see if they'd be loving enough to bring something, or at least help me figure out how to make "it" on a larger scale... lol. (i've had suggestions of zucchini Parmesan, or a "seasonal vegetable stew" etc. but still not sure yet...)

Side dishes? i totally know what Jim's Nana is bringing. she's not even allowed to choose XD (ok, not really... but i'm going to probably beg her...) but she makes this UH-MAZE-ING baked Mac n' cheese and a corn souffle that is frikkin' out of this world. Her food is literally one of the main reasons i go to their annual fourth-of-July party, lmao. I know Grandpa is wanting to make potato salad (which is totally fine, as i would eat that stuff with a dirty stick off the sidewalk...)

Now for the fun part; the desserts!

I remember growing up and thinking "why would anybody want any other desserts when they're obviously serving cake!?" and then i came to realize, that everybody loves sweets, and that it will be freaking awesome to have things like cookies and brownies WITH your tiny slice of cake. What kinds of things are we making? well, it's not set in stone, but i'm sure the following list may have some major input on the subject:

That list will most likely grow i'm sure, but for now, those are my main inspirations for dessert-ness-ness.

Although there is one more thing i'd like to address before i end this really-long update... and that is drinks.

Every party i've ever gone to offered only a few choices.... either Sprite/Mt. Dew mixed with some kind of fruit juice crap, or booze and soda. Wow... what a memorable... er... refreshment station... >.> not.

I want my guests to feel like "wow! they really put thought into all the details! this really does feel like christmas!" instead of "pass the generic beer i'm bored." So i'm adding one more list... the refreshment list. (which of course will most likely change too.)

  • [Butterbeer] (i may be a harry potter nerd, but i also love this drink -- AND it can be kid friendly! booyah!)
  • [Eggnog] & [Eggless Eggnog] (in case we have some who are egg-allergic like my baby cousin <3)
  • [Mulled Wine] (one of the things i've always wanted to try, was Gluhwein (spelling?) from Germany... unfortunately i've never been there, nor do i know a place to find it here in the states where it could be authentic and shipped... but i've heard Mulled wine is close, so maybe we'll see!)
  • [Jelly Shots] (i want it to be a party! who says you *have* to drink wine and champagne? Plus, these would look adorable layered as green, clear, and red.)
  • [Hot Chocolate] (We're hoping to have a make-your-own hot chocolate/cocoa bar, where you can pick up a pretty pristine white mug (or maybe christmas-themed ones? i dunno...) and customize your toppings and flavors with things like whipped cream, butterscotch sauce, fudge sauce, homemade marshmallows in peppermint/chocolate/vanilla flavors, peppermint stirring sticks, etc! we have this whole bar thing planned out... just gotta perfect our hot chocolate recipe, and then find something to keep it hot that doesn't look totally generic >.<)
And of course, the cake. We're going to be making it ourselves, completely homemade! (because caterers here in this podunk town either suck, or you have to order them from Indianapolis and then they're expensive. >.<) and because we love to bake. So we're hoping to make something a cross between these:

(red velvet marble cake -- click [Here] for source)


(white chocolate cigarello cake -- click [Here] for source)

But -- as always -- things are likely to change. <3

Of course, suggestions are always welcome from ya'll. :-3


Friday, November 12, 2010

Deck the Halls....

It took me a few minutes to stop spinning in circles like a kid on pixie sticks... but I'm okay now. haha.

I am SO FREAKING HAPPY! We originally had our wedding planned for October 25th, 2012 -- as we're both *total* Halloween NUTS. The only problem is... we wanted our wedding to be more Elegant than Kiddie Party... well, as you can see from my Inspro board below, there wasn't much to choose from o.O I mean, i thought i found my dream dress... but the more i look at it, the more I'm thinking "wow... this wasn't anything i wanted" there's no lace... the color is there, but subtle... and i *hate* veils, which honestly is the only thing i could picture on that dress.... and as you can tell, the only "decorations" I've seen, was pumpkins o.O

Intro to this dress:

I don't remember *how* i came across this dress, but it was a few days ago. and i fell. in. Love!

I've always loved the romance of Christmas... the deep red (which i focused on for my Halloween wedding), and golds, the stark whites and furs (albeit fake, since i refuse to wear real due to allergies AND morals...), the forest greens (favorite color!), and silvers... i love the idea of fires on the hearth, and hot cocoa and cider (or eggnog!), and all the shiny wonderful glowing lights!


Well, When i first brought up the idea of a "Christmas" wedding to Jim, he said "Meh, everybody does those..." and we worried about Holiday confusion.. (Halloween, My Birthday, Niece's Birthday, Thanksgiving/His mom's birthday, Yule, Christmas, New Years) but then again, we'd have the same problem with a Halloween wedding XD

But this inspro board... did it.

(click [Here] for bigger)

After i posted this, telling him it was for a "friend" on OBB (*giggle* I'm mean....) his jaw dropped. "WOW that's nice!" "Isn't it?!" and with a little tweaking (including the color of his beloved Kilt he wants... lol) he was busy finding me pictures of Christmas weddings and spitting out ideas for this thing like there was no tomorrow XD

There was no tapping of a pencil on the end of his fingers going "hmm... what else other than pumpkins and leaves?" there was no "what's an "autumn" food that's not thanksgiving?" or even a "where could we have a bonfire that's not a public park!?"

It was amazing! we've decided to get it as close to Yule/Christmas as we possibly can -- which is even more awesome since most of our family will be in Indiana for the holidays! woot family!

On top of all this, i've had a HUGE thing about trying to figure out how to tell my father he wasn't going to walk me down the aisle... We may have fixed that with this whole idea! See, he plays Santa for kids who are low-income and their parent's can't afford to buy them presents, or very few presents. he works soley off of donations... he's been *dying* to get a new santa suit, as his old one is well... lacking... (click [here] to see "santa") He suggested though, that he dress up in his *new* santa suit we're getting him for next year, and he'll walk me down the Aisle as santa... Check out *new* suit (yet to be ordered) here:

(picture is from [Here] -- an AWESOME santa-anything store!)

I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted from my shoulders and my creativity can finally flow into all these wonderful things!!

*sigh* I.R. happy camper. ^_^

**references for the Halloween board can be found in the previous post. References for the Peppermint inspro board & dress can be found below**

Inspiration comes in many forms...

Okay, so the posting here has been a little sparse, i do apologize. I've suddenly become aware of a few people who actually do *read* this thing! :-o -- however you're all naughty things for not leaving me comments :-P

So i've been thinking about things to post on here...

I've covered my dream dress, talked about veils, mentioned all the crafty things we concoct... but i've officially run out of things to say o.O So you know what? i'm going to start doing inspiration boards every week. (or two weeks... or month. we'll see how long my memory span is... and see how long i can keep it up.) First off, i'm posting one for my own wedding. (I've tried to reference as many things as i can, however if i've missed giving the correct links to the appropriate photos, please leave me a message so i can give them the credit that is sorely due. <3)

Since we have decided that our wedding will be as close to Halloween as humanly possible (while still allowing our flowergirl and my bridesmaids to go trick or treating XD) i've managed to toss together a few basic inspro boards. Enjoy!

First off, Food porn! 

(Click [Here] for bigger) 

* = this is the SITE i got it from... but if you know the original creator, it would be awesome if you could give me a link to their origional picture...

I have to admit... now that i cite all the websites, i realize i'm REALLY into Caramel Apples... but that just leads to the fact that i want a Caramel Apple Bar/Smores Bar (if we can find a place that will allow us a bonfire..) for the dessert area! It'll be awesome... there will be Apples (red and green of course) pre-skewered, and then a big warm pot of Caramel and/or Chocolate, and then have a way to drizzle chocolate/Caramel over them, and have little bowls of crushed peanuts, cashews (oooh fancy... lmao), Oreos, Reeses Pieces, as well as various others -- but those are the main. It will be awesome. Also, as for the cakes at the bottom... i LOVE the simple wavy orange icing on the one in the middle... the chocolate shavings on top are just so sweet and simple... nothing too fancy :-) i love it. But at the same time, If we go for a "screw the fancy schmancy icing tricks" and do fondant and piping, i'd so totally do the black lace on white fondant! it's stunning!

SECOND -- the wearables!

(click [Here] for bigger)

Once again, you get to see the shoes i'm DYING to own... this time accompanied by the other very halloween-y accessories, and of course, my dream dress! The two chokers on the left, are just too amazing for words... the one on the bottom has a skeleton for a cameo -- how frikking sweet is that!? and the crystal spider in the bouquet is just a perfect touch... i *heart* the idea of striped stockings instead of pantyhose or barelegs (especially since it will be FREEZING outside o.o) and although i'd *love* to have a dragonfly somewhere in the wedding (in memory of my step-grandfather Bud Schimmel) i may not be able to wear it as a necklace. but we shall see. that one up there though, has stolen my heart!

I would show you all deco porn, but i'm getting sleepies, and can't seem to find half of my references... *grr* so once i can track them all down with my awesome google-fu skills, i shall post it up as well. (and probably find a little more to add to the collage since it's kinda bare and it's mostly a bunch of pictures of pumpkins in various forms! lol.

Anyways, i'd love to hear your comments -- those of you still reading. It's nice to know when you're being paid attention to... lol.

Lovingly yours,