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Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm dreaming, of a white christmas!

Merry Christmas guys! :-D Sorry for the super-late post... (it's only the day after the day after Christmas... right?... technically?) I was dragged through town to three different places the past few days and i am thoroughly exhausted! (but it was fun, and who am i kidding... I'd do it again in a heartbeat!) So! other than the annual "naming off all the cool shit i got", I'd like to show off a few things i made. 

First off, i made stockings! (i don't have a picture of my dad's just yet... but suffice it to say, it's based off the lamp from a christmas story, i made the pattern myself, and i SUCK at making fishnets even... the back of the stocking looks like a spiderweb shat on it...)

Jim is in-LURVE with Star-trek (the old one to be specific.. the one with Kirk and Spock and Sulu and all them...) so i made him a redshirt that was skinned and turned into a stocking. <3

It was my first stocking ever so be gentle, haha. It was done in-the-round and was a lot easier than i had anticipated! I also made him a sugar-cookie "Redshirt" (which was perfect.. because if he broke in transport, he was expendable anyways ;-) )

(totally not showing off "The Shattering" i got for christmas... XD) Secondly, (the one i'm super-proud of) Chance (my younger brother) asked me to make him a Horde Stocking (from World of Warcraft) 

The symbol was a little skewed, because it was worked in-the-round (same pattern as above) but he still loved it, and i'm proud of it :-D (now he wants a laptop case, a scarf, and a hat >.>)

As for Christmas presents with friends, i managed to make two Rainbow hats (not pictured), Two Cowls (Green and Purple, and Jim knitted a blue varigated one, also not pictured...) and then i made a Unicorn hat!

Which Rachel quickly nabbed, haha. (And i'm sorry, but since i based it off of a hat from Deviantart, and i don't know if they're selling them or not, i can't share the pattern, because i don't wanna get sued. it was for a gift, and no money was exchanged, so please don't sue me O.o

As for other Crochet'd schtuff... i finally took a picture of Chloe's scarf to match her hat:

(which she loved btw!<3) I didn't get to snap a picture of her wearing it, but i got her to hold still long enough to wear her hat.

We also made cinnamon ornaments (cinnamon, Applesauce, and glue...), Eggnog fudge, Brownies (Boxed Ducan Hines, nothin' fancy...), Chocolates, Dog Biscuits, Sugar Cookies with THE perfect icing, and a variety of other sweets for the gift baskets.

This poor little guy barely made it! All of the other cookies came out perfect (and unfortunately i didn't get any photos of them... but i planned on doing a blog post about sugar cookies soon anyways since i got some nifty snowflake cutters... so i'll post them then.) But every single one of the Teddy Bears fell apart :-/ damn. (i have a picture of him where i ripped off parts of his body and added red icing to it to make it bloody too... but i'm already overflowing the blog with pictures, so i'll pass on that one ;-) )

(recipes for the eggnog fudge, icing (though i used egg whites instead of meringue powder), and sugar-cookies, can be found above by clicking on the names!)

As for going places for Christmas, we spent a kickass evening at Mitchell's in his basement playing my first drinking game

 (I came out with 13 shots in the end, and was dizzy and sleepy, but no worse for wear... and i didn't drink enough to manage a hangover either. Woohoo!) and played a little pool....

 (which i lost HORRIBLY at... lol)

Christmas day we headed to Auntie and Doug's to have a very british-inspired christmas with Christmas Crackers (i won a dinosaur finger puppet, and a 1" squirtgun Grandpa Rex suggested i fill with vodka, lmao) and some paper crowns

We had a beautiful dinner with the best green bean casserole i've ever had. It was really awesome having a dinner at a real table with family for christmas! Most of my family is either too busy, or going somewhere else, or my close fam doesn't have a car/health to make it anywhere. After dinner, we opened presents (i honestly wasn't expecting to end up with as much as got O.O but i thank everyone for their kickass gifts.. i'm totally wearing my fuzzy socks. Have i mentioned i have a sock-fetish/collection? lmao.

Doug and Jim (Jimmy's Uncle and Dad) ended up with THE COOLEST hippy Santa statues i've ever seen, and honestly, I'm a bit jealous! Isn't he adorable?

(Can you believe his Nana made those?? I don't know if she actually sculpted them, but i do know that she  painted them.)

After presents, we hugged and made our goodbyes and headed up north to his Mum's house for more food (ugh o.o so full!!) and more presents. (it totally made my day that i was the first person Chloe hugged XD).

Once Joe and Chloe showed up, everyone started finishing up dinner (which was equally as awesome -- Pork roast, hobo potatos, Gramma's Mac n' cheese, steamed broccoli, crescent rolls, and gravy). Speaking of crescents rolls, Chloe helped Nana make them! (Apparently she loves to help Nana make the rolls and has her own stool to help out! :-3) 

 Then Gramma carved the roast beast, 

and we ate until we were bursting. Presents ensued under "Petey" the Christmas Palm (Peggy and Jeff bought it for their deck last summer, and brought it indoors for the winter, lmao)

 Petey likes to blind my camera...
Chloe ended up with (i think o.O) every Zhu Zhu pet in existance o.o (srsly.. i don't think she's missing a single one of them!). But she had a blast, and it was fun watching her open up all those presents and scream "ZHU ZHU PETS! ZHU ZHU PETS! THANK YOU NANA! THANK YOU PAPAW!" every time she ripped the paper back! (It makes me want my own kids now XD) 

We did indeed (despite the weather patterns..) end up with a white Christmas. 

Which was awesome. (and i didn't fall this year! haha!)

And did i mention Chloe lost her two front (bottom) teeth? (the first time she's lost a tooth!) So i nabbed a picture of that too ;-) (needless to say "all i want for christmas is my two front teeth..." was sung numerous times.)

Also, i have some pretty big news! :-D i managed to win my very first blog-contest!!! :-D From Lark Crafts, i snagged some sweet felt, and some other goodies!! (which awesome arrived the day after sending my address! O.O i dunno if you sent it out express Thom, but it got her super quick! Thankies again!!! i can't wait to use it all!)

First off, i got nearly a whole box of luscious browns and yellows... it's so soft i can't possibly think of what i'm going to use it for! (although i'm eying a pattern for a heated sleeping mask you put rice in? oooooh yeah... B-) )

Secondly, (sorry for the wrapping still on it, we were in the middle of making fudge and rushing out the door when it arrived!) A felt-a-long calendar! It came with the patterns for every felt image in the book, as well as stickers to place for doctor's appointments, weddings, christmas, and pretty much every other holiday one could think of!! way too cute!

I entered approximately THREE contests this month trying to win this book, and just about danced when i pulled it out. Fa la la la Felt is such an adorable collection of patterns for just about everything you can think of! I'm really looking forward to making the stockings in it next year! (The Joker one is probably my favorite, but the peek-a-boo flowers is sneaking in some love too...)

And last but not least, i recieved several sheets of sample felt in various shapes and colors -- perfect for future orders, *and* for adding final touches to those projects who need spiced up! (the hearts and circles are totally my favorite... haha).

Along with the felt, i managed to collect quite a vast amount of presents this year O.O (much to my surprise! i hadn't been to such a huge family gathering in so long!) So for all the curious minds out there (and for my own gloating purposes...) Here's my annual list of "look what i got!"-ness. (and i only managed to grab a few pictures before my camera died of a battery-related-death...)

On top of a teeny green stocking of candy (mmmm... reeses.....) and a manicure-purse kit from Erika (not pictured) I got everything above from Jim's family :-3 (although i don't quite remember who gave me what now o.o i know a few though!)

From jim's Dad (Jim o.O) I recieved a box of 5 Cranberry-Mandarin candles (mmmmm!), a 30 dollar gift-card to walmart (more on that later...) and a cookbook of "my kind of cooking!" (all recipes are only 3-5 ingredients long, and they ALL look delicious). From Peggy and Jeff (Jim's Mum and Step-dad) I recieved a HUGE box of Caron Yarn in various colors, and three sets of knitting needles to get me started! (woot!) along with three scratch cards, with which i won 10 bucks! The fuzzy socks (which i'm TOTALLY wearing right now!) are from Auntie and Doug, as well as an adorable guardian angel keychain (this woman knows me... i collect socks and key chains... i think she's stalking me!) A chocolate orange (which i busted my knee trying to open thismorning, lmao) and another manicure purse! (aww... this one has kisses on it! I love the little stand-up mirror too. My nails shall never be horrid again!) She was even so sweet as to think of Taffeta and Purl this christmas, and bought them their own bag of Carrot treats!! Nana and Rex gifted me a kitchen towel (one of those kinds with the knitted top, so you can hang it off the stove handle) and a "Pumpkin Butter" Reed diffuser that is currently wafting through the living room making everything smell purtyful.

I think that was it. (If i got your names wrong guys on who gave me what, i apologize! leave me a note and i'll fix it! <3)

As for Home-gifts, Mum and Dad bought me a brand-new Dell Laptop, and an LED mouse that glows blue and red (which shoots purple lights up onto my cieling! :-D) and "The Shattering" ! the next book in the World of Warcraft line :-3 Of course they bought Chance and i the new Expansion for WoW "Cataclysm" and i'm currently rocking a lvl 26 Goblin Shadow Priestess B-)

Grandpa gifted me a basket of yarn, some new crochet needles, and three beautiful bracelets with little rings and shiny bits on them i can add charms to :-D -- and of course Tiffy and Purl were from Jim ^.^

With the gift-card, i bought P, Q, and J crochet hooks, Three skeins of yarn (two small green and yellow cotton bits), and one purply-pink fuzzy stuff for Jessie's baby girl. (they're *hopefully* going to be a hat and booties, unless i find another pattern soon..) a Strawberry-Banana Sobe (because hey, i was thirsty o.O), and a 3-pack of WoW cards, that ended up in 9 UDE points, 2 more hero cards (an undead affliction warlock, and a dwarf priestess), a primal shadow, and a primal earth, along with other various cards of awesomeness. So all-in-all i made out like a bandit this Christmas! But i think the best gift, was being able to celebrate it with so much family this year! I'm so glad i was able to make it, and even got to see Uncle David (Auntie's Dad) perk up and have a good time with us too :-3

In short, i hope all of you had a wonderful christmas :-) I hope you all got what you asked for, and nobody ended up with coal (unless it's the bubble gum/chocolate coal... that stuff rocks, no pun intended! lol). Happy Holidays to all of my wonderful readers... and as soon as i ebb out of my stocking-candy-coma, i promise i'll update with a few more crafty bits for you all, and possibly some more stuff on the wedding!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hammy Goodness!

The other day, i showed off my gorgeous new hammy babies Tiffy and Purl :-3 today, i managed to snap some better pictures of them to show off. (not by much though, they don't like to stay still o.O) 

Meet Tiffy and Purl, (short for Taffeta and ... er... Purl? lol) My twin panda hammies :-3

Both were born on October 14th of this year, and (except for two minor details) are completely identical! Tiffy, has white under her chin that continues onto her neck (but you can only see it if she's sitting up, so when they're running around it's hard to tell...) and Purl has half-an-ear! O.O

Jim surprised me with them as an early Christmas present this year! :-D Though neither of us noticed Purl's ear until two days later T.T -- it doesn't seem like a fresh wound, so it seems she's had it for a while... (and being in a gigantic tank at our favorite pet store with 50 other hammies, it's bound to happen to a few of them T.T) But it doesn't seem to bother her at all, and it definitely makes telling them apart a LOT easier, haha.

They love to do everything together -- especially their wheel! Though pictured here, their cage looks rather plain -- it was how they were delivered to me, and hadn't been spiffed up yet.

This is how their cage looks now :-3 -- still small, but they seem to love it ^.^ We plan on going to our favorite pet store  and checking out their end-of-the-year sales and see if we can't nab another cage or two so they can be separated later. (As much as i love seeing them together, i've been warned by people from forums and websites alike, that syrian hammies will start fighting eachother pretty soon... so i'll have to get them apart before the end of the year T.T) And of course i have a playpen for them (again, nothing fancy... but i just got them this week XD) Everything in there is re-used toys from our previous hamsters Elphie and Squirt (but since they both passed away in their cages mysteriously (although most likely from old age... they were both 3-4 years old...) i washed the HELL out of those toys/pen so if they died of anything catchy, it wouldn't spread.

They *love love LOVE* the yogurt treats their daddy bought them (and so do i ... they smell so strawberiffic i'm about to try one myself >.> lol) but last night we gave them some lettuce (i know i know, it can be dangerous, but there's no additives or anything and it's locally grown anti-pesticides and all that junk, and i'm not feeding it to them every day...) and a few various ham-safe-nuts left over from decorating Christmas stuff. 

Tiffy, (seen above) is super outgoing and hyper, and would probably have an anurism if i took the wheel out of the cage o.O seriously. I have to hook it to the top of the cage (so it's on it's side kind-of...) just so she won't run herself to death o.o. Although she ends up climbing up the sides of the cage and monkey-bars across the roof so she can sit on the back of the wheel and play King of the Mountain... lol. Too adorable XD i'll have to post video of that later...

Purl (seen above as well...) is much more shy and calm (and chubbeh...). So far, she seems to love to cuddle and sit in your hands inquisitively. The bell-moon-thingy (that was origionally a parakeet toy...) is her favorite object in the whole cage (2nd is the wheel when she can elbow on with her sister...) and it's so frikkin adorable to watch her hold onto the bell, grab it with her teeth, and then shake the hell out of it XD she'll do laps around the cage and then do it again! lol. 

They're by far, one of my favorite Christmas gifts, and they're just too cute to fully explain :-3 when i can get some better light, i'll have to post some videos of them performing their antics ;-)


Friday, December 17, 2010

Tis the season to be busy as hell... Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra, ra RAAAAAA!

It's no lie that with Christmas looming around the corner, most people start baking and cooking, and preparing for the holidays! Our kitchen, is no different. However, we're different in the fact that we've made pretty much nothing Christmas related... XD (Yet! wait for next week... >3>) But i figured i would catch you all up on a few wonderful things we've been up to. 

First off, for those of you who haven't checked out "Cakewrecks" you need to! This blog/site has kept me awake for the past three weeks while i browse the archives and giggle/facepalm my way through some of THE WORST decorated cakes in history. 

Heck, i even submitted one myself this time: 

Yep. I think it's supposed to be half-a-Santa. (The evil half-brother to Santa... *da dun CHI*) made of course, out of cupcakes. (or as Cakewrecks so-lovingly named them, "CCC"'s or "CupCake Cakes" ick...) Anyways, i found him (or whatever's left of him?) at my own local Walmart whilst perusing the wonderbread. 

Don't get me wrong though, Cakewrecks posts some pretty wicked stuff on there too! You guys know me and my love for food and pretty things... Well, they have a "Sunday Sweets" blog post (every Sunday... dur...) where they showcase some UH-MAZE-ING cakes that are anything but wrecks! In fact, one has me absolutely swooning at the sight!

Isn't it gorgeous??? It's from the outstanding cake-baker from "The Secret of Our Dinner" (a Bulgarian cake/food blog with a unique twist on almost all the cakes). I love the pearlescent sheen to it, as well as the drippy snowy icing, the delicate teeny snowflakes, and of course the oh-so-adorable fondant deer on top :-D too cute! but that's not the real reason i'm drooling over this cutey... 

Check this out: 

Do not adjust your screen. Blink if you have to... 

Are you seeing it? 

Yes! That's right! those layers are going the wrong way! They're friggin' vertical!!!! How amazing is that!? :-D It has a perfect icing-to-cake ratio, and it looks absolutely stunning! (not to mention unique as heck!). Wondering how on earth they did it? Well, (if you can decipher the google translation...) they made a tutorial (it's about halfway down the page, but they explain how to do basic fondant flowers, fondant, and all kinds of their amazing techniques!) <3

Can you believe this cake is basically a giant jellyroll?? And just look how easy it seems o.o!!! (no doubt when i go to try it though, it'll be too dry, and everything will crumble and fall apart... haha. but hey, i can try!). 

Jim and I are thinking about trying it for the wedding cake maybe! (So of course i'm going to post all of our failed/successful attempts up here XD)

But as for things WE have baked, i give you the following: 


This one is entirely Jim's creation... living in the boondocks of Indiana, we've come across "Indiana-only" foods of course, but this one was a first o.O "Indiana Sugar Cream Pie". Think about that name for a minute, and tell me you don't picture a granulated sandy textured pie... like condensed milk with sugar added to it o.O... but he made this following some youtube tutorial with a 100-year-old woman, and it turned out divine. it's a creamy smooth sweet concoction that actually surprised me. 

This one, was also Jim's idea, but i made the crust XD -- it's an entirely Strawberry pie :-D (no Rhubarb...) and it was amazin'. Slap on a dollop of whipped cream, and we're i business! <3

 These are "butterscotch white chocolate chip cookies from "Not So Humble Pie"-'s recipe :-D They were crunchier than expected, but they were still tasty! (in hindsight i probably should have stuck them in an airtight container with a slice of bread.... but that's besides the point.)

Of course with Christmas drawing ever closer, i've started getting our annual christmas cards from family and friends, and even a few early christmas presents :-D (woot, stuff!). My parents have already let me have a sneak at mine and my brother's matching laptops (Dell with Windows XP -- able to play all those games i missed, while still having the ability to be fully upgradeable cheaply! woohoo!) and then of course, Jim snuck me in something he just couldn't keep hidden until the 25th......

Hamsters! :-D (sorry about the blurry bleh pictures... it was late, and my bedroom has a lack of overhead light... so all i have is a floorlamp that hates me with every fibre of it's being... so i had to use flash and it sucked. 
They're two month old black and white panda hamsters (me rub you rong time?) and are practically identical twins!!! (they came from the same litter too :-3) Seriously, if it weren't for the teeeeeeeeeny tiny details, i wouldn't be able to tell these two hammies apart! Luckily, Taffeta (the one in the ball) has white on her chin and leg, is hyper and outgoing and would probably have an anurism if i had to take the wheel out of the cage, and Purl (like Purl-stitch?) on the right by Jim, has a bite taken out of her ear (which we didn't notice until two nights ago T.T poor baby!) and is fully black on her chin and stomach. She's quiet and reserved, shy, and loves to cuddle -- so much calmer than her sister. But they're my new babies :-D Now i just have to find them a metal wheel to replace the plastic thing in their cage, because it's noisy as hell and keeps us awake at night. boo.

Unfortunately, i have yet to snap a picture of Declan's finished green hoodie (all it needs is edging and buttons, but we just got the buttons yesterday, and i have yet to decide if i want GIANT multi-colored buttons of awesomeness and cute, or white pearly buttons that remind me of a pretty cardigan... but yeah :-D as soon as i get the buttons on, i'll take a picture and slap it up on here. <3

Well, i've decided this year (since i've discovered how to crochet >:-D) to make stockings for everybody! Dad's is a malgamation of two stockings, but is basically a woman's leg with a black-and-red garter at the top that moves into a fishnet'd leg, ending in a bright red heel. The pattern is my own, so if everything works out right, i'll post it up here and on Ravelry :-3 

In the meantime, i've just-about finished Jim's stocking (a redshirt star-trek stocking knitted in the round <3). All it needs is the grey cuff, and the gold com sign. My younger brother Chance -- like me-- is a total WoW junkie. (For the Horde!!) so he's been begging me to make him a "For The Horde" scarf (with double Horde symbols on each end) since the chill of winter first danced through the air -- so naturally he asked for a stocking of true anti-alliance fashion:

The chart i'm using is my own, and scaled down from the scarf version (done in tunisian), but this is simply a single crochet worked in the round. The cuff is alternating SC and HDC. (and i have SOOOO MANY ENDS to weave in!! D: >) It's got about 10 more rows, and then i get to start the heel. (yay... >.>) But at least it's pretty. ;-) 
My and my mum's stocking will be done in Granny-hex's in alternating colors i have yet to decide on. (though i'll probably try and use up some of my self-striping stuff.) 

And speaking of WoW, i've been screwing around in Photoshop for a while, learning how to use some of the basic stuff, and started forming a reference photo for my character Illondra for a (hopefully!) upcoming comic. 

Here's the WIP of you're interested :-D

 I've since added a glove to the hand on the left, but other than that, she hasn't gotten too much further. But for my first time in photoshop, i think i've done pretty damn well! (and for using a mouse nonetheless! no fancy schmancy tablets here! (although i'm dying to get one T.T .... just sayin'... lol) you can visit my [deviantart] account if you want to see more updates on her. <3

Well, i hope you're all having a wonderful Holiday Season! :-D Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, and a Happy Holidays to the rest of my wonderful readers and their respective celebrations. <3


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hey, a girl can dream...

So the (early) search for a venue is on... (read: "I was completely bored and decided to look up fancy Venues in Indiana we could check out...")

And i found a few wonderfully amazing places! I'm serious, some of these places are drop dead gorgeous! Unfortunately, (Just like every other venue...) they're hella expensive. T.T

The first one we came across, was the Sisters of Providence (Better known as: Saint Mary of the Woods -- yes, it's a college too.) and honestly, it's beautiful there T.T i've been there ever since i was little and i remember being in that hall a few times with my Great Aunt (Sister Georgiana) and i'm honestly head over heels for it.

(the pictures don't truly do it justice i know... but just look at it!) 

Can you believe how many people can fit in there?? o.O that looks like a thousand people! The windows are fabulous, and there's (once again) soooooooo much roooom! I'd feel so close to my great aunt there it'd be rediculous...

Only one problem... It's a church. er, sort-of. The hall is part of a girl's college/dorm and the Sisters of Providence Church/nunnery. (yes nunnery is a word.. type it into your own text box, it doesn't have a squiggle under it, lol) Anyways! My point is, it's part of a Catholic Church -- and i'm not too sure they'd be super fond of Jim and I have a ceremony there that didn't mention God, or had anything Pagan about it... :-/ So unless we could manage to get a wicked discount on it, there's most probably *no* chance of us getting it. But, just for S&G, i calculated the approximate costs:

Firstly, there's the menu: [Here] In which we would offer (probably) the Glazed Ham Station, Chicken Cordon Bleu, or the Stuffed Green Peppers as a vegetarian/vegan alternative... Sides? Ugh. i gave up reading a long time ago. As for drinks? We'd most likely serve Hot Cocoa and Apple Cider (both 16 servings per gallon).

With (estimated) about 150-200 people coming to the wedding (we have yet to truly define a list and haven't even sent out invitations yet -- don't get yer panties in a bunch aunts and uncles! you'll get one! be patient!!) it would cost us.... uhh..... *taps calculator and pulls a few levers as a machine whirrs in the background*

Ham carving station -- 6.95 (per person)
Green peppers -- 12.25 (per person)
Chicken blue -- 16.95 (per person)

hot cocoa (per gallon) 0.65 = 37.05
Apple Cider (per gallon) 10.25 (wtf!?) = 584.25

(if everybody has 6 drinks of one -- yeah, because that's average sure.. i'll keep telling myself that...  ) that's 57 gallons per drink

10 veggie -- 122.5
70 ham -- 486.50
70 chicken -- 1186.50
(totally BS numbers i split in half and counted all of our vegetarians)

Total: (and not including side-dishes)

Y-eah.... that's... a lot. o.O wonder if they'd let us self-cater? Lol.

Well anyways! :-D moving on!

Secondly, I managed to find *THE* dream venue o.o

 This place would seriously be the one i would want David Tutera to plop in my lap and go "SURPRISE!" it's seriously that nice o.o I mean, just look at it!! it's set up for a freaking theatre show! I'm giddy just thinking about it! haha.
Could you imagine walking up the aisle just like this lovely couple?? Like you'd be stepping on stage for a grand performance... the place is HUGE, and yet glamorous at the same time! *sigh*

Ugh. unfortunately i can guarantee you that since they don't post prices on their website, it's going to be *WAY* outside our budget, and catering ourselves would be totally out of the question o.O That'd be like bringing your grandmother's casserole to the Emmy's or something, lmao.

But still... *wistful sigh* a girl can dream, right? haha. Ah... the search continues...


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy 50th post! :-D

(Aww, look! I made it to 50 posts!)

Time for an uplifting happy post, because dammit i need one! 
Okay, first things first, as a few of you can probably tell, i updated the blog's look again. I had some complaints from people on my facebook, that they couldn't read the text very well against the bright effing green background. So after some googling, some rum, and eventually giving up and going to Bing, i found a premade template i was happy with. It's christmassy, it's not too complicated, and damnit ya'll can read the text. (er, i hope o.O)...


Welcome to November 15th, my 21st birthday :-) I was actually able to spend it with family (and my grandpa. I think it was the only birthday he'd ever been present for? but that's another story...) We had a few troubles that involved timing, bad weather, money, and the ability to find a bottle of white rum as two people who *never* drink, but nevertheless, it was still awesome. 

 First off, I got to have Grandpa with me! :-D yay! (He gave me a lovely silver and gold diamond necklace in the shape of a key) 

Secondly, as you can see we had Papa John's Hawaiian pizza for dinner. OM NOM NOM

Okay okay... and a few drinks. But just a few. 

(No really, those four glasses in the front? that's all i had all night. I had a shot of vodka and gagged, a shot of Rum and gagged, a screwdriver, a slow screw (lmao), and then we couldn't find rum, so we mixed a glass on the left of Raspberry Dacquiri mix with vodka (and gagged) and then poured out half the vodka and added more mix and STILL gagged. the only things i liked, was the things with orange-juice in it. go figgur. 

Then Mum made my birthday cake this year :-3 It's Orange cake with Buttercream icing, and decorated to look like tiger lilies (which are totally made from Icing, and Orange Smile gummies which are my fav. candy that doesnt contain chocolate XD) It was nummy. 
Jim and I went out the next night to buy my first drink, and we had THE COOLEST waitress ever. She was all giggly and bubbly and then served me this gigantic beast: 

Yeah. I ordered a Strawberry Dacquiri. o.O THAT'S what i got. (And Jim's tiny Non-alcoholic Dacquiri in the background XD). See where the blackish blue swirl on the monster martini glass ends? that's about where i got it down to before i gave up and said "CAPPIN' WE CAN'T HOLD N'MORE!" and began nursing a brain-freeze. But the Chicken strips and fries were amazing. (Because DUH who doesn't like honey mustard!?) And i totally drew an Owl with crayons, because i'm awesome. 

We then tried to sneak a furry critter home as a birthday gift, but couldn't find anything in our price range to get. But i did get this adorable picture/story from the hamster section that makes me giggle. 

These little guys (there was like, 80 of them i swear...) had all managed to squeeze themselves into the green plastic house to the left, leaving only three or four of them running around to eat and play on things and make me squee at them. So i asked Jim if he could lift up the green house and i could see the (presumeably like, 3...) hamsters inside and see if i could pick one out from those instead -- and LO AND BEHOLD! the thing was PACKED with tiny hamster bodies, to the point where when he lifted the house, they were still in the shape of the house. I giggled like a madman, before picking up like seven of them and snuggling them. We didn't end up taking any home though. *pout*. Maybe christmas XD
Last but not least, we decided to go indulge in my second guilty obsession....  books. So we packed up our sheet, got into the car and drove across the parking lot (hey it was cold...) to Books-a-million where we proceeded to see some totally wicked shit that came in book form. Including these babies: 

Yep. That's a World of Warcraft book. and Yep, i'm a geek. (I ended up buying the first one XD) but I still REALLY want the first one, and the Shattering. (but really just the Shattering...). Christmas plz? :-3


Also, more updates later when i manage to find my camera cord in the depths of my black hole i call a purse. <3