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Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm dreaming, of a white christmas!

Merry Christmas guys! :-D Sorry for the super-late post... (it's only the day after the day after Christmas... right?... technically?) I was dragged through town to three different places the past few days and i am thoroughly exhausted! (but it was fun, and who am i kidding... I'd do it again in a heartbeat!) So! other than the annual "naming off all the cool shit i got", I'd like to show off a few things i made. 

First off, i made stockings! (i don't have a picture of my dad's just yet... but suffice it to say, it's based off the lamp from a christmas story, i made the pattern myself, and i SUCK at making fishnets even... the back of the stocking looks like a spiderweb shat on it...)

Jim is in-LURVE with Star-trek (the old one to be specific.. the one with Kirk and Spock and Sulu and all them...) so i made him a redshirt that was skinned and turned into a stocking. <3

It was my first stocking ever so be gentle, haha. It was done in-the-round and was a lot easier than i had anticipated! I also made him a sugar-cookie "Redshirt" (which was perfect.. because if he broke in transport, he was expendable anyways ;-) )

(totally not showing off "The Shattering" i got for christmas... XD) Secondly, (the one i'm super-proud of) Chance (my younger brother) asked me to make him a Horde Stocking (from World of Warcraft) 

The symbol was a little skewed, because it was worked in-the-round (same pattern as above) but he still loved it, and i'm proud of it :-D (now he wants a laptop case, a scarf, and a hat >.>)

As for Christmas presents with friends, i managed to make two Rainbow hats (not pictured), Two Cowls (Green and Purple, and Jim knitted a blue varigated one, also not pictured...) and then i made a Unicorn hat!

Which Rachel quickly nabbed, haha. (And i'm sorry, but since i based it off of a hat from Deviantart, and i don't know if they're selling them or not, i can't share the pattern, because i don't wanna get sued. it was for a gift, and no money was exchanged, so please don't sue me O.o

As for other Crochet'd schtuff... i finally took a picture of Chloe's scarf to match her hat:

(which she loved btw!<3) I didn't get to snap a picture of her wearing it, but i got her to hold still long enough to wear her hat.

We also made cinnamon ornaments (cinnamon, Applesauce, and glue...), Eggnog fudge, Brownies (Boxed Ducan Hines, nothin' fancy...), Chocolates, Dog Biscuits, Sugar Cookies with THE perfect icing, and a variety of other sweets for the gift baskets.

This poor little guy barely made it! All of the other cookies came out perfect (and unfortunately i didn't get any photos of them... but i planned on doing a blog post about sugar cookies soon anyways since i got some nifty snowflake cutters... so i'll post them then.) But every single one of the Teddy Bears fell apart :-/ damn. (i have a picture of him where i ripped off parts of his body and added red icing to it to make it bloody too... but i'm already overflowing the blog with pictures, so i'll pass on that one ;-) )

(recipes for the eggnog fudge, icing (though i used egg whites instead of meringue powder), and sugar-cookies, can be found above by clicking on the names!)

As for going places for Christmas, we spent a kickass evening at Mitchell's in his basement playing my first drinking game

 (I came out with 13 shots in the end, and was dizzy and sleepy, but no worse for wear... and i didn't drink enough to manage a hangover either. Woohoo!) and played a little pool....

 (which i lost HORRIBLY at... lol)

Christmas day we headed to Auntie and Doug's to have a very british-inspired christmas with Christmas Crackers (i won a dinosaur finger puppet, and a 1" squirtgun Grandpa Rex suggested i fill with vodka, lmao) and some paper crowns

We had a beautiful dinner with the best green bean casserole i've ever had. It was really awesome having a dinner at a real table with family for christmas! Most of my family is either too busy, or going somewhere else, or my close fam doesn't have a car/health to make it anywhere. After dinner, we opened presents (i honestly wasn't expecting to end up with as much as got O.O but i thank everyone for their kickass gifts.. i'm totally wearing my fuzzy socks. Have i mentioned i have a sock-fetish/collection? lmao.

Doug and Jim (Jimmy's Uncle and Dad) ended up with THE COOLEST hippy Santa statues i've ever seen, and honestly, I'm a bit jealous! Isn't he adorable?

(Can you believe his Nana made those?? I don't know if she actually sculpted them, but i do know that she  painted them.)

After presents, we hugged and made our goodbyes and headed up north to his Mum's house for more food (ugh o.o so full!!) and more presents. (it totally made my day that i was the first person Chloe hugged XD).

Once Joe and Chloe showed up, everyone started finishing up dinner (which was equally as awesome -- Pork roast, hobo potatos, Gramma's Mac n' cheese, steamed broccoli, crescent rolls, and gravy). Speaking of crescents rolls, Chloe helped Nana make them! (Apparently she loves to help Nana make the rolls and has her own stool to help out! :-3) 

 Then Gramma carved the roast beast, 

and we ate until we were bursting. Presents ensued under "Petey" the Christmas Palm (Peggy and Jeff bought it for their deck last summer, and brought it indoors for the winter, lmao)

 Petey likes to blind my camera...
Chloe ended up with (i think o.O) every Zhu Zhu pet in existance o.o (srsly.. i don't think she's missing a single one of them!). But she had a blast, and it was fun watching her open up all those presents and scream "ZHU ZHU PETS! ZHU ZHU PETS! THANK YOU NANA! THANK YOU PAPAW!" every time she ripped the paper back! (It makes me want my own kids now XD) 

We did indeed (despite the weather patterns..) end up with a white Christmas. 

Which was awesome. (and i didn't fall this year! haha!)

And did i mention Chloe lost her two front (bottom) teeth? (the first time she's lost a tooth!) So i nabbed a picture of that too ;-) (needless to say "all i want for christmas is my two front teeth..." was sung numerous times.)

Also, i have some pretty big news! :-D i managed to win my very first blog-contest!!! :-D From Lark Crafts, i snagged some sweet felt, and some other goodies!! (which awesome arrived the day after sending my address! O.O i dunno if you sent it out express Thom, but it got her super quick! Thankies again!!! i can't wait to use it all!)

First off, i got nearly a whole box of luscious browns and yellows... it's so soft i can't possibly think of what i'm going to use it for! (although i'm eying a pattern for a heated sleeping mask you put rice in? oooooh yeah... B-) )

Secondly, (sorry for the wrapping still on it, we were in the middle of making fudge and rushing out the door when it arrived!) A felt-a-long calendar! It came with the patterns for every felt image in the book, as well as stickers to place for doctor's appointments, weddings, christmas, and pretty much every other holiday one could think of!! way too cute!

I entered approximately THREE contests this month trying to win this book, and just about danced when i pulled it out. Fa la la la Felt is such an adorable collection of patterns for just about everything you can think of! I'm really looking forward to making the stockings in it next year! (The Joker one is probably my favorite, but the peek-a-boo flowers is sneaking in some love too...)

And last but not least, i recieved several sheets of sample felt in various shapes and colors -- perfect for future orders, *and* for adding final touches to those projects who need spiced up! (the hearts and circles are totally my favorite... haha).

Along with the felt, i managed to collect quite a vast amount of presents this year O.O (much to my surprise! i hadn't been to such a huge family gathering in so long!) So for all the curious minds out there (and for my own gloating purposes...) Here's my annual list of "look what i got!"-ness. (and i only managed to grab a few pictures before my camera died of a battery-related-death...)

On top of a teeny green stocking of candy (mmmm... reeses.....) and a manicure-purse kit from Erika (not pictured) I got everything above from Jim's family :-3 (although i don't quite remember who gave me what now o.o i know a few though!)

From jim's Dad (Jim o.O) I recieved a box of 5 Cranberry-Mandarin candles (mmmmm!), a 30 dollar gift-card to walmart (more on that later...) and a cookbook of "my kind of cooking!" (all recipes are only 3-5 ingredients long, and they ALL look delicious). From Peggy and Jeff (Jim's Mum and Step-dad) I recieved a HUGE box of Caron Yarn in various colors, and three sets of knitting needles to get me started! (woot!) along with three scratch cards, with which i won 10 bucks! The fuzzy socks (which i'm TOTALLY wearing right now!) are from Auntie and Doug, as well as an adorable guardian angel keychain (this woman knows me... i collect socks and key chains... i think she's stalking me!) A chocolate orange (which i busted my knee trying to open thismorning, lmao) and another manicure purse! (aww... this one has kisses on it! I love the little stand-up mirror too. My nails shall never be horrid again!) She was even so sweet as to think of Taffeta and Purl this christmas, and bought them their own bag of Carrot treats!! Nana and Rex gifted me a kitchen towel (one of those kinds with the knitted top, so you can hang it off the stove handle) and a "Pumpkin Butter" Reed diffuser that is currently wafting through the living room making everything smell purtyful.

I think that was it. (If i got your names wrong guys on who gave me what, i apologize! leave me a note and i'll fix it! <3)

As for Home-gifts, Mum and Dad bought me a brand-new Dell Laptop, and an LED mouse that glows blue and red (which shoots purple lights up onto my cieling! :-D) and "The Shattering" ! the next book in the World of Warcraft line :-3 Of course they bought Chance and i the new Expansion for WoW "Cataclysm" and i'm currently rocking a lvl 26 Goblin Shadow Priestess B-)

Grandpa gifted me a basket of yarn, some new crochet needles, and three beautiful bracelets with little rings and shiny bits on them i can add charms to :-D -- and of course Tiffy and Purl were from Jim ^.^

With the gift-card, i bought P, Q, and J crochet hooks, Three skeins of yarn (two small green and yellow cotton bits), and one purply-pink fuzzy stuff for Jessie's baby girl. (they're *hopefully* going to be a hat and booties, unless i find another pattern soon..) a Strawberry-Banana Sobe (because hey, i was thirsty o.O), and a 3-pack of WoW cards, that ended up in 9 UDE points, 2 more hero cards (an undead affliction warlock, and a dwarf priestess), a primal shadow, and a primal earth, along with other various cards of awesomeness. So all-in-all i made out like a bandit this Christmas! But i think the best gift, was being able to celebrate it with so much family this year! I'm so glad i was able to make it, and even got to see Uncle David (Auntie's Dad) perk up and have a good time with us too :-3

In short, i hope all of you had a wonderful christmas :-) I hope you all got what you asked for, and nobody ended up with coal (unless it's the bubble gum/chocolate coal... that stuff rocks, no pun intended! lol). Happy Holidays to all of my wonderful readers... and as soon as i ebb out of my stocking-candy-coma, i promise i'll update with a few more crafty bits for you all, and possibly some more stuff on the wedding!



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