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Saturday, January 1, 2011

We'll miss you...

I find myself in the year 2011 with a heavy heart...

All over the world, people are celebrating the lives they've lived, and that they have survived another year. For many, the new year will bring them joy and happiness. I myself, am looking forward to a year with my beloved Jim where we can hopefully (finally...) leave our parent's behind and strike out on our own. We have both endured hardships to make it to where we are now, and there's definately not going to be any less this new year. Though we plan on beginning some things anew, we still can't forget our mistakes and our triumphs of the past. This last year has been no different.

But this post today is not meant to be about me or Jim. But about David.

When i became a part of Jimmy's family, i never imagined i'd meet such amazingly wonderful and incredibly loving people. His "Auntie" Dianne and Uncle Doug were my quick favorites (that is if i had  to choose, lol) and Auntie's father David was no exception. When i first met this man he made me blush as he kissed my hand and welcomed me with open arms into his home (er, porch... it was a barbecue i believe?) Though i'll admit, his thick English accent was sometimes hard to understand, he was still one of the sweetest (and oldest!) men i'd ever known -- such a complete gentleman!
I never tried to pry into private lives, but it was known that David had some physical ailments (as do we all when we are 90-something years old!) and according to Auntie, he had seemed to be growing worse and worse throughout the months. Christmas however, we were all delighted to see him eating and drinking and laughing with us all at dinner -- much perkier and lively than we'd all seen him in ages, and it truly made my day to see him smile and enjoy himself with us! (although i wish i could have seen him open our scarf and hat we'd made him, but i don't blame him for being tired that evening )
Much to my shock, this afternoon i was informed that David had passed away at 2:00 am, just after New Years in the comfort of a hospice. Immediately i fell into tears.

I'm not an extremely religious person by any means, but i do believe that there is a heaven for all of the wonderful people in life, and i do believe David is there now, enjoying himself with his Grandson Jimmy (whom i unfortunately never had the honor of meeting before he too passed away).

I hope Auntie and Doug will always remember him as the wonderful, amazing, kind-hearted gentleman i knew him as -- i know i will.

Rest in peace David.

(apologies for not finding an edited version, the song begins at 0:50, please ignore the Elphie/Glinda in the beginning...)


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