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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Farewell my loves,

As many of you know, i've had an extremely hard time keeping this blog up and running. What started out as a wedding blog, quickly fell into an everything blog -- which is exactly what i didn't want. I'm not as popular, or as crafty, or as talented as half of the other people running these amazing blogs, and i'll admit -- i much prefer reading them, than attempting to write about something i only know a little bit about.

So i've decided to close down Cake for two. No, the wedding's not off, and no i didn't recieve any hatemail for anything. I just think i could do a lot better talking about something i actually know something about ;-)

This isn't the end of my "blogging career" either, just -- the end of Cake. So Farewell my entire four followers (and maybe family?). Perhaps in the future (once the wedding nears) I'll open this back up and update with things worthwhile -- but until then, goodbye :-) it was fun while it lasted.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hiatus and the worst nightmare EVER.

        This past week has been a flurry of emotions, illness, and pretty much everything else that wasn't attached to the ground. Not only did i not get my bikini tops photographed, but i've hardly worked on my nightie at all. I have very little completed in just about anything and honestly, today's been the first day since last monday that i felt like i could actually accomplish something. (and oooooh accomplish i have! kind-of...)

        Monday, it seemed everything that was going to go wrong, did. I swear it was like i'd somehow left the house on Sunday and have run over 13 black cats, rampaged through a mirror and A-ladder warehouse, floated to safety indoors with an umbrella, only for me to knock over a container of salt on the way down all in some quasi-dimension where every day is Friday the 13th. UGH. Monday was horrible. There was arguing, there was slammed cabinets, there was screaming. The worst virus we've ever managed to obtain fixed itself into our desktop (that holds every family photo, every important file, every piece of information we've EVER downloaded) and for the first and ONLY time, i wasn't able to remove it. (Fuck you Vista Security 2011, i hope you die in a fiery pit of rabid monkey excrement.) On top of this, everyone in the house decided it would be a good day to get batshit upset over video games. Not just "damn, i died again." but "AGH ARASGDLAIWEGLK FRIKKIN GHOSTS CAMPING THE GRAVEYARD" and "DAMN SPY KEEPS SAPPIN' MAH SENTRY! ASDGOIAWSELKNG RAGGLEFRAGGLEBURR!" and etc. It seemed like i was the only person in the house who was sane for the moment. o.O

        Tuesday comes. Tuesday was slightly better. I had expected to get OUT of the house and go on a picnic -- but because of the previous night, i had been up all night with a migraine and didn't get to sleep until about 9:00 in the morning-- thus, not waking up until around 5:00pm. (Note: Sleeping schedule is still WAY OFF because of that.) Also, it rained. A lot. However things were slightly better all-in-all. Frustration with video-games still made it's way far into the evening, but it was significantly better than the previous night.

However, none of this was as bad as it got Wednesday.

        Wednesday morning, i fell asleep cuddling Jim -- swaddled in our 4 comforters like adorable little butterflies waiting to spring forth into the beautiful morning sunshine! Until the nightmare came...

(I'm quoting this from a letter to my friends i had made where we discuss dreams and problems...)

"        Jim and I were driving around the north end of Terre Haute, (Plaza north area) and he was really really quiet. I asked him what was wrong and he kept ignoring the question until finally i refused to get out of the car unless he told me what was the matter. He sat back down in the driver's seat and confessed he'd gotten a call that morning from his doctor who explained to him that they finally found the cause of his arithmea, and that it wasn't good. I figured at worst it could be AIDS or Cancer or something and we'd get through it together, but instead he pulled out his itouch and showed me a webpage page explaining the disease he had, and that 20 years after the disease becomes active, it strikes again but harder. This disease had been the cause of his coma, his extreme fevers that scare me constantly, and even the splotches we thought were birthmarks as well as the arithmea, and that on the anniversary of his coma, it was due to strike again. That day, was today. I got really upset and asked him what we could do -- shouldn't he be in a hospital or something?? And he explained that his doctors told him there was really nothing left to do but live out your last day like you'd want to, because they have yet to find a cure as it's so rare they can't study it properly, and once the victim dies all traces of the disease vanish. (It's turning out like a weird episode of Supernatural, except without the demons.) So he explained that unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of money, so we went to have Ritter's (a frozen-yogurt place) and then meandered through BigLots without buying anything because if he bought anything for me it would just remind me of our last day together, and we couldn't buy anything for our future apartment, because there wasn't going to BE a future. We eventually parked our car in the plaza north parking lot and did things one last time. When we woke up, i thought everything was going to be fine and that he'd made it through, that the doctor's were idiots! We went to the park to celebrate and walk the paths as the sun rose, and then he fell. Huge fit of seizures started wracking his body and i forgot what to do for like, 10 minutes. Finally, i managed to -- with the help of an extremely nice woman -- help him into the car once the big seizures had worn off and he was merely shaking and disoriented. I took his keys, cell phone and itouch and drove him to Union (the hospital in the north end) and admitted him, but they wouldn't let me go back to see him because i "wasn't immediate family" and they didn't believe me that i was his fiance since my ring didn't have a diamond on it. I got PISSED. Six hours later, they came into the waiting room and told me that he'd passed away, that they'd basically had to euthanize him because of the amount of pain he was in. They said it was the only thing they could have done for him. I -- of course -- sobbed like crazy and fell to the floor hysterically. THEN they told me i could go in and see his lifeless body. His dad (who works at Union) rushed in after a minute and hugged me, telling me everything was going to be okay and that he'd take over things from here, and that i could just go home and relax and that i'd "always be a part of the family". So he shooed me out the door and i sat outside on the steps shaking and confused. I didn't want to go home, i didn't want to go anywhere, i just wanted to drink myself stupid until the world didn't exist anymore, and i wanted to be with people i loved. I posted with his itouch on facebook that i needed as many friends as i could gather, and it was an emergency. One of my friends (Name omitted for privacy) messaged me back asking me what was wrong. I confided in her and she explained they'd be down in a few hours to help as well as they could. So i sat. Plopped on the Hospital steps waiting for literally ANYONE i knew to come pick me up and help me forget everything."

        A knock sounded on the door, and i awoke, tears in my eyes and clinging to Jim with a death-grip. My mum had come to wake us and tell me we needed to head out to Grandpa's. The amount of relief that washed over me seeing Jim open his eyes and smile at me was enough to bring me to tears, so instead of having him watch me blubber and cry (because i know it makes guys feel awkward when girls do that...) I rushed into the bathroom and showered. (Although i ended up clinging to him and crying anyways later on in the bedroom..)

But no, the nightmare wasn't the end of it...

        The night before, Jim had made Melon Pan. (Some kind of Japanese bread wrapped in a sugar cookie. He had made them look like turtles even). But because they smelled burnt and the bottoms were growing dark, he pulled them out sooner than the timer had said. We'll get to why that's relevant later...) He munched on a couple for breakfast and we headed out the door -- all of us piled into the Stranger-Danger-Mobile and we made our way to West-T to see Grandpa. Heck, we even stopped by the store to grab an Apple Pie!
        The day was looking infinitely better! We got to Maryvale, ate pie, laughed, showed grandpa my projects i'd been working on, and Jim fell asleep on the couch because he was exhausted (i didn't blame him, we hadn't gotten more than 3 hours of sleep!)
         Into the car we went and made our way to Krogers to pick up dinner. About Applebees, Jim mentioned he wasn't feeling good. Carsick maybe? It wasn't uncommon... We stopped discussing meals to help with his stomach, and all seemed great in the world. Until we got to Krogers.

As soon as the van pulled into the parking lot... 

        He spewed. All over the baby blanket he'd been knitting, all over the back of mom's seat, all over himself. It was the first time i'd seen pure white vomit, and i'd started worrying if something was seriously wrong, until i remembered he'd only eaten Melon Pan that morning, and it was white. Mum's Super-mom instincts kicked in, and we had him out of the van and into her clean powder-blue jacket in seconds. He seemed dizzy and quiet, so girlfriend-mode switches on, and i drag him into Krogers bathroom where he cleans up and mum eyes the expensive South-Braves T-shirts...

        So now he's freezing, but clean, and the van's a little less rancid. So when mum comes out with the Febreeze, we all rejoice and commence the cleanup on the way home. Where dad forgot the keys to the house before we left. So we try opening my window -- no go. We try dad's window. Nope! Basement door? There's a crutch wedged under the doorknob to keep people from getting in and to keep it closed, so nope. We didn't want to bust open the back doors, because then we'd have direct cold air rushing through into the kitchen and living room! While Jim and Chance and I are freezing in the van, we watch Dad and Mom inspect the rest of the house, trying to find a way to break in with the least amount of damage.

        FINALLY, Dad manages to find his lockpick for just such an occasion, and manages to get his way through the garage door, the craftroom door, AND the side-door next to my room. Yay! Warmth! I let everyone else take care of groceries while i rush my man into the bathroom and tell him to warm himself up in the shower and clean off all that vomit while i make the bed so he can rest.
        About 15 minutes go by, and we realize the shower's quiet. Nothing's interrupting the flow of water and it's been this way for a good 10 minutes or so. Mom panics. "Mindy? I just knocked on the bathroom door and he's not answering. You mind checking for me? I don't want to embarrass him!"
        Of course, he's my fiance right? So i knock on the door and call a little louder. "Babe? You okay??" Nothing. "Baby?" I peek through the door and holler. "Hun, are you alright? We're getting worried?" Silence. "Babe!?" Instantly my heart begins to race and i rush into the teeny tiled room and rip aside the shower curtains, where he's slumped over on the floor, his head nearly in his lap, eyes closed.
        In a matter of 10 seconds my mind replayed my dream... each horrifying detail of him dying and me having no way to help him. Before i scream "CALL 911!" I decide to see if i can shake him awake. Just touching his shoulder makes his head shoot up and he stares at me sleepily. "Wha?" "You okay!?" "Yeah, just getting warm. Why?" "Because we've been screaming for you for like, 10 minutes!" "Oh. Sorry. Must have had water in my ears."
        It was later uncovered he had fallen asleep -- which by all means? i don't blame him! (I've fallen asleep standing up in the shower so often it's rediculous...) but it made my heart leap up into my throat. 3 minutes later he was in pyjamas kissing me goodnight and off to bed. (While he was in my bed with a bucket just-in-case, i slept on the couch. I love him with all my heart, but i don't wanna be woken up by vomit-to-the-face. Ugh!)
        Mum and I talked about what had made him sick, and discovered what was left of the Melon Pan sitting in a container on the counter. Remembering it had bread inside, and him having asked for the yeast earlier -- we broke it open. Or rather, peeled it open. Inside, the dough was not quite set and smelled so strongly of yeast i just about urped myself. They were disposed of immediately as i can almost guarantee you it was the cause of the whole incident. (Ingesting raw bread dough doesn't exactly make for a good meal these days o.O Especially not when your father-in-law-to-be drives the van and makes it feel like you're swaying side to side on a boat... More Seasick than Carsick.)

        Luckily, things were better that evening. He was able to hold down some plain toast, and later some chicken and noodles. Feeling ambitious, he even made himself some french toast for lunch later-on.

        So yeah, things were a little hectic around here, and getting my sleeping schedule back in order has been a task in and of itself, so until i can get things all set up again, i'm going on Hiatus. I promise i'll keep in touch though and let you know what's going on. (It won't be more than 2 weeks tops, i'm not leaving ;-D)

        So in the meantime, keep crafting, and leave some messages! I'd love to see what kind of stuff you guys have been up to! (And i'm always ready to take a look at some of your favorite artists/websites/etc. I need some for the Friday posts!)


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm late, i'm late i'm late i'm late!

I'm sooooooooooooo sorry guys! D:  With the camera missing and sleeping patterns wacked and getting over Monday, i completely forgot to ready not only Monday's post, BUT today's post as well!! I promise i'll make it up to you guys before Friday! It'll be full of super-mega-awesome-sauce. Promise!


Monday, February 28, 2011

Fuck Mondays

Today's post is cancelled because Monday needs to go die in a fire somewhere so i don't have to deal with it anymore.

To elaborate, the main computer is fried thanks to a fucking virus somebody got from porn-surfing (gee, thanks guys. really. We didn't have to USE it or anything...) On top of that family arguments/issues have become too much for me.

I will attempt to post tomorrow after today has officially gone to hell and died a flaming death of doom and destruction.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's Spotlight: Running late as usual! :-D

        You guys willing to take the excuse that i seriously thought all day today was thursday?? Because i did. It wasn't until Jim got out of the shower and started putting on his khaki's and work-shirt did i realise "o.O fuck. it's friday." So dearest apologies. I'll be more on-time with these in the future.

        This Friday's spotlight is on one fantastic artist! I am seriously in love with this woman, her artwork, the storyline, everything! Her name? Pia "Yapi" Santiago. (or better known in my household as "*SQUEEEE!*") With her birthday coming up tomorrow (and for another excuse to stalk her...) i figured i would feature her this week and make her feel all warm n' fuzzy inside (or totally creeped out, one of the two...)

        I first discovered 30 year old Yapi from the Phillipines (that must be an amazing place to be from. seriously. I have too many wicked friends that are Filipino... The food ain't half bad either!) -- and her kickass Troll men while looking for examples of my favorite Warcraft race on Deviantart and stumbled across her infamous Meiles. (insert drool here.) (My version of him looks like a backwards naked school portrait somewhere o.O but eh it's free fanart right?)

(Tell me you wouldn't want to nom on that all night!)

        Though the story of these two mismatched lovers isn't written down anywhere publicly available (damn!) her little snippets into the lives and histories are always a welcome sight in my inbox! Don't get me wrong though, she draws much MUCH more than just sexy, scrumptious, jamaican-accent'd, blue guys with tusks and pudgy, adorable, squishy elves -- but they're my favorites (and I'm looking forward to Jim and I's anniversary because i am so going to commission her for a pic of Illo, Al, and Valkyron -- Though that commish might end up somewhere other than Deviantart... *wink wink*)

        On top of her Warcraft art, she also does some pretty wicked commissions including (but not limited to:) Mermaids, Rhino-men, TMNT, Bleach, and a variety of other mesmerizing bits of fanart. This month, in honor of her birthday, she started $5 sketch commissions, as well as a free raffle for a small bit of art that has her fans clamoring for positions -- i myself entered and am on pins and needles to see who wins!

        So if you haven't been over to stalk favorite her yet, go do so! Her livestreams are always fun, she's super bubbly, and hell i bet she'd even treat you to some singing if you asked real nicely! 
        Congratulations Yapi m'luv for being awesome enough to grab an entire post to yourself today! I'll be awaiting my restraining order eagerly XD 


        P.S. -- you have NO idea how hard it was to find art of hers that wasn't done for someone else >.< So you get Meiles twice. (quit complaining and drool already.)

(Monday, you guys get to see my unmentionables as well as a project i hope to finish before next winter o.O)


ALL IMAGES POSTED IN THIS ENTRY BELONG TO YAPI. STEALING IS NOT PERMITTED AND CAN (AND WILL) BE DEALT WITH SERIOUSLY. We will not just threaten to send rabid flying monkeys at you, you can seriously get sued for that kind of shit, so think before you try and claim it as your own -- Yapi has a lot of viewers and fans and they'll know it's not yours.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fabulously Fimo

        As many of you may (or may not?) know, it's tax time! Meaning of course everyone is getting their tax checks! Time to pony up and get that used car, or a vacation, or for people like me and jim -- a 300 dollar shopping spree at the hobby store!!!
        So on top of all the special yarn and sketchbooks and antique-looking treasure chests we found (a long with many "booty" related pirate jokes...) I managed to grab some modeling clay. For a seriously long time, i've been oggling those teensy tiny miniatures that so many of you out there make daily. Cakes, sweets, ocotopi (I totally have a hidden love for octopi and squids...), chibis, entire kitchen sets -- all mini-sized!! (It makes me SQUEE!) And i'll admit -- i was a little jealous. How could these people possibly be so talented as to make play-doh look like delicious moist decadant cake!?
        Well, first off i found out that it's not play-doh. It's called "modeling clay". (Which i guess technically Play-doh could be called that too, but just work with me here...) The difference between them is actually really simple. (i.e: i learned it on google this morning.)

  1. Water-based clays -- These clays are often air-drying like Cold Porcelain (and play-dough... except play-dough looks moldy when it dries. Ick...). They don't usually need baking (although you can) and they need to be kept in an air-tight container if un-used. They WILL eventually dry out though. 
  2. Oil-based clays -- These clays are called "non-drying" or "never-drying" because there's no water to evaporate (thus drying it). In order for you to keep your creation when it's finished, you have to take two things into consideration:
    • Is it a Plasticine clay? -- Plasticine clays are clays that will never ever ever EVER dry out. Meaning literally, it will last pretty  much forever. It'll get stiff when it gets cold, but it will never truly harden and can always be smushed if it falls or if your little sibling wants to play with it. The good points? It's easily remodle-able and you have an infinite amount of time to scrutinize over something without worrying if it's going to dry. This is awesome for making temporary molds, stop-motion animations (Gumby!) or just letting your kids play with it until they get tired and you don't have to go out and buy more brand-name "art dough" for 20 bucks. The stuff is cheap and colorful and easily available! The cons? It NEVER FRIKKING DRIES.
    • Is it a Polymer clay? -- Polymer clay is like the stuff of the frikkin' gods. It can dry in the air, you can bake it and let it harden and use it for all kinds of stuff. Cover a box with it, make my little ponies out of it -- pendants, charms, earrings! (oh my!) this stuff has endless possibilities. (Hell it even comes in "translucent" and liquid forms!! 
        So of course today i decided to break open my $15 box of 18 bright assorted colors and see if i couldn't make the My little pony of my dreams! Only problem? The box was merely labled "Creative Art Clay". No ingredients list, no baking time, hell there wasn't even an address o.O!! Was it Polymer? Plasticine? What the hell was this shit!?
        In the name of all things crafty, i quickly picked the ugliest color i had (nasty orangish-pink-salmon-barf) and formed two cubes (turning them into dice with a few holes poked into them in case this actually worked...) and set the oven for 250 degrees (average baking temp from what i googled). Once the thing was preheated and ready to go, i set the timer for 15 minutes and waited....
        Seven minutes later.... i found goo. All. Over. My. Mom's. Pan.
        On the plus side, i found out it was Plasticine clay!! Bad side? The vision of my perfect pony fell out of my hands quicker than i could have sketched them down....
        So what's a girl to do with (essentially) 15 bucks worth of the most expensive play-doh in the craft store?

        I go completely nerdy and make a bust of my WoW character that's what! 

Er... kind of?

        Okay, that's bad. That's Craftfail kind of bad... Actually, close-up she kind of reminds me of the guy from Goonies who likes the candybars... (Hey you guys!) Leeeeeeeeeeet's just ignore that i ever mentioned this monstrosity and move on to people who actually know what they're doing with clay... k? Good!

        First up, Unladylikely and her best friend have adorned simple wooden dowels with this pliable paste and have created the most amazing homemade harry potter memorabilia i've ever seen! Wands? Nerdtastic!

        I've always had a love for all things gruesome and macabre, so beatblack's skeletal "anatomy lockets" sent my heart a-flutter. 

(I'm in lurve with the brain-cameo in their avatar!)
Now someone out there, knows how to render 3D models into a perfect polymer replica! lilninjabear has sculpted up an adorable murloc baby!! (I have a huge soft-spot for murlocs... the quest where you drag the babies on the trunk back into the ocean makes me tear up. Srsly.) 

D'aww! I wanna cuddle 'im! 

Now on the complete opposite end of the totally nerdy spectrum, we have maxxev who has combined the art of knitting, with the art of illusion (*waves hands magically and throws glitter*) thus creating... 

(Bum, bum, BUMMMMM!

        The most amazing piece of polymer geekery i've ever laid eyes on!  Lookit that! It's pure polymer, but it looks like it's been knitted to perfection! Sheesh, it takes me forever to get regular cables right, let alone clay ones! o.O They've also got a few other wonderful pieces they've worked on such as knitted ornaments made of clay. So pretty! Want! (Also i'm completely head-over-heels for their "knitted heart brooches" to the point where i would sell a kidney to own one. o.O)

        Internet Geekdom cannot truly be achieved of course, until one has done something "Bacon"-y. Whether it be partaking in bacon breathmints, cooking bacon turtles, or even knitting a bacon scarf, bacon has become a huge part of our internet culture. (Hell, there's even a website dedicated to it o.O) So when i saw solar_jazz's "Deceptively Delicious Earrings" i couldn't help myself. 

Om nom nom polymer. 

        But of course there are thousands of teeny tiny detailed creations out there that have been carefully and lovingly sculpted to pure perfection by some of the most talented people. If you don't believe me, check out my DevArt fav's and take a look for yourself. Hell, i've even favorite'd a few tutorials for when i can go grab me some Fimo next month! (If you'd like me to favorite one of your creations, or one of your favorite artist's creations, leave me a note and i'll totally check it out!) After all, that's how i found Christopher Blake and his teeny tiny wonders of pure awesome-sauce. 

        Not only does he sculpt some dangerously delicious miniatures, but he's also created shoebox-like dioramas with miniature shops and rooms! (Squee!). He says he'd love to have a giveaway for every 100 followers he gets, so why not pop over and see what he's got at his blog? If not for the future giveaways, then to check out his itty bitty nom-ables!

        If you have a certain hobby or craft that relates to pure geekdom, nerdery, or all-around dorkness -- please leave a comment or drop me an email! (Heck, i'll even accept them on DevArt or Facebook if you've got the time!) I'd love to hear from you guys and all about the things you love! 


Monday, February 21, 2011

Bow Chicka Bow Wow

(Sorry for the lateness of the post today! -- almost 12 hours i know... -- Sleep didn't catch up with me until around 1:00 this afternoon.)

        I'll openly admit it. Peanut butter makes me excited. Not like "OMG WATERPARK!" excited, i mean like "let's put on some Barry White and cuddle" kind of excited. (*wink wink, nudge nudge*) So needless to say, when Valentine's day came around, i had to make something involving peanut butter.

        If you could see my favorites, you would probably be as confused as hell. I have unorganized pages and organized folders everywhere. The most recent of which, have been recipes and tutorials from Craftster, so when i went looking through my abomination of a favorites list for something peanut butter -- i had plenty to choose from!

This week's Awesome-Monday-Craft-Slash-Recipe-Thingy (need to find a better name for that...) is of course Redflags' luscious "Chocolate-covered oatmeal peanut butter sandwich cookies"

These cookies -- despite the horrible twinge of pain in my mouth from a missing cap -- were to-die-for! They were soft and gooey and almost exactly like those oatmeal cream pies from Little Debbie, except with more peanut butter and drizzled in chocolate! Although Redflag's turned out much much prettier and perfectly round, they were still snapped up quicker than i could sandwich them!

Ingredients:  (This is still Redflag's recipe, i'm merely  making comments where i changed things)
  • 1 1/2 cups Flour (All purpose)
  • 1 tsp baking soda (I attempted to double the batch and added too much, they ended up spreading out super thin)
  • 1 tsp baking powder (i probably didn't add enough of this!)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 cup butter (2 sticks softened)
  • 1 cup peanut butter (I used creamy here too, my boy hates chunky lol)
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 eggs 
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract 
  • 1 cup quick cooking oats
  • 6 tbsp butter (softened)
  • 2 cups powdered sugar
  • 1 cup creamy peanut butter (do not use crunchy here. It'll be icky.)
  • 5 tbsp heavy cream (we bought heavy whipping cream instead. not sure if it's the same thing, but it turned out perfect!)
(for the drizzle)
  • 1 bag of your favorite chocolate chips/melting chocolate (12 oz)
  • 3 tbsp shortening
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. (She forgot to add that to the original recipe, but it's posted in the comments later.)
  • Sift together the flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt
  • In a separate bowl cream the butter, peanut butter, sugars, and vanilla. Add eggs one at a time incorporating each one thoroughly before adding the next. 
  • Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix. Add the oats. 
  • Drop by rounded tablespoon onto a parchment lined (or in my case cooking spray'd) baking sheet and flatten. (If you don't flatten them, they turn out kinda lumpy and oddly shaped. But don't flatten them too much, or they'll goo everywhere and will be burnt cracker things.)
  • Cook for about 10-12 minutes, or until the edges are golden brown. (Like she mentions, they're going to look like they're not finished. They are. Let them finish cooking/cooling on the pan before you remove them.)
  • While cookies are cooling, make the filling by pretty much just dumping all the "filling" ingredients into a bowl and mixing it. you can't really go wrong with it. (You will have to have a wooden spoon handy to smack any boyfriend-vultures away though, or you will not have any left to fill the cookies with. Same with the cookie dough!)
  • To make the chocolate drizzle (Which we totally forgot to do and ended up just microwaving some hershey's chocolate chips and sticking it in a piping bag...) Place your favorite melting chocolate in a double boiler. Melt with 3 tbsp of shortening and stir until completely smooth.
  • Assemble the cookies by globbing a tablespoon of filling onto the bottom of a cooled cookie. Place another cookie (top up, so the bottoms face eachother) on top and smush down carefully so the filling distributes evenly. Set aside. 
  • Place your chocolate in a ziploc baggie or a piping bag, and snip off the end (tiny!) drizzle warm gooey goodness in a zig-zag pattern (or smiley face, or hypnotic swirls, or pretty much whatever you like.. it's your cookies!) 
  • OM NOM NOM until they're gone. (Okay i added that last part...)
 Anyways, these cookies are da bomb. However, due to the fact that boy was impatient and i was sore from bending over the stove/sink all day, they turned out a wee bit soggy. We ended up refridgerating them to firm them up and ended up letting them get REALLY hard. (Which is still good, they were amazingly tasty...) but they did give me the worst tooth pain in ages. Seriously, these things are rich. It was hard to eat more than one at a time o.O

(Pure om nom nom...)

        Next week (as soon as the weather is nicer so i can get some better light...) I'm showcasing a pattern for a crochet'd bikini top (which i am totally wearing right now...) which can be made in just about any size and is soooooooo comfortable!

        Remember, if you'd like me to try a recipe or a pattern (as long as they're free) feel free to drop me a comment or an email and i'll see what i can do! :-D


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friday's Spotlight: Hyperbole and a Half

(If you're new, or just tuning in, I mentioned last Saturday, that Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are going to have themes now! every Friday is going to be a spotlight or interview on a website, seller, or a random hobo.)

When someone starts a blog, they intend for people to read it. Whether or not they get many viewers at first, there's always that hope that somewhere on the other end of the twisted web, that someone is watching. One of those people, clinging to the very dream that someday she'll become famouse beyond reason, is Allie. Allie owns the quirky, strange, and oh-so-addicting blog "Hyperbole and a Half". Part blog, part webcomic, it's become one gigantic flaming mess of dinosaurs, talking spaghetti noodles, childhood trauma, and bears. Lots and lots of bears. Oh, and cake. In her (first) "About me" section, Allie describes herself as "Heroic, caring, alert, and flammable". Her sense of humor is a lot like my own -- twisted, childish, and seriously random -- but hers is definitely more addictive.

My personal favorites from her extensive archive (which i may or may not have spent 6 hours pouring through...) would have to be Spaghatta Nadle -- the previously mentioned spaghetti noodle who speaks ... with a speech impediment. It's not only adorable, but he's got a lovable attitude! Completely quirky and unexpected he continues on for a few other episodes (4 or 5... possibly more i forget XD) and i personally would love to see just a webcomic of him every morning in addition to my already 13 comics i read daily. (Dear god is it really that many??) 

I stumbled upon Allie's blog from a wall post between my friends on Facebook -- it might have been "God of Cake" or "Dog's don't understand basic concepts like moving" episode. Her comics are interesting, the stories hilarious, and the behind-the-scenes action is just icing on the cake, and i would gladly spend another all-nighter reading through her repitoire of weird all over again.

Allie's want for internet domination (or at least global fame...) seem to be growing exponentially and i'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next blog post. If you love her quirkiness as much as i do, you can get even more of it from the forum "VERY SERIOUS" -- which is anything but. (Especially if you like dinosaurs and doodling in MS paint.) If you're bored, go check it out. If you're not, go anyways and meet some of the strangest, most off-the-wall people i've ever laid eyes on and enjoy yourself!

Congrats Allie, you've officially become my first Spotlight post, and hopefully this will help propel you a little higher on the "lookit me i'm famous!" ladder. [insert heart thingy here that blogspot hates, because it includes a less-than sign...]


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NerdCraft Wednesday:

        If you haven't figured it out already, i'm a complete nerd. A dork, a geek, a twisted freak of nature who's utterly and completely obsessed with all things gaming with a sprinkle of reading and crafting thrown in. For those who missed Saturday's post, Every Wednesday is now dedicated to my nerdly obsessions.This week, we're focusing on the nerdiest craft projects that have ever hit the web, and have a close place to my heart.

        We'll start with something i'm actually familiar with: Yarn!

        Through my daily stalkings meanderings through Craftster, i happened upon an extremely colorful purse! (And me, being the purse-whore i am, immediately hit ctrl+d...)

        What's more, it's based after the board game "Settlers of Catan"! Unfortunately, i've never played this game, and up until i saw this purse i'd never even heard of it o.O So what does a girl do when she's intrigued? Wiki.

"The Settlers of Catan is a multiplayer board game designed by Klaus Teuber. It was first published in 1995 in Germany by Franckh-Kosmos Verlag (Kosmos) under the name Die Siedler von Catan. Players assume the role of settlers on the game board, each attempting to build and develop their settlement while trading and acquiring resources. Players are rewarded points as their settlements grow; the first to reach a set number of points is the winner."
         Well kudos fantasticmio for being wickedly awesome and creating a bag about something you love :-D (and being nice enough to hand out the pattern for free!)

         I must admit. I've never really been one for making potholders... when you think about it, they seem like the most boring thing to make o.O They're just squares of fabric you use to grab things out of the oven with, right? Oh boy am i wrong o.O

        Adaiha has managed to convince me with a single photo, that everything i ever thought about potholders was wrong. o.o Not only can they be beautiful additions to your kitchen theme and color scheme, but they can also be fun to make! They don't have to be squares (as any person on Ravelry could have told me...) hell, they can even be freakin' Celtic knots.

         Lookit that! How perfectly awesome could one potholder/trivet be?? Okay, so i guess it's technically not a "Celtic Knot" -- as she calls it a "woven circles trivet" but damnit it's celtic enough for me! And i love it. Adaiha, you win an internet m'dear. 

        Up next, i've featured something that's been on the news a lot recently. The zodiac.

 (I myself, am a Scorpio and Jim's a Leo)

        I frikkin love this blanket/throw. Ever since i was little i've been enamored with the stars -- hell, every time i got upset or worried i loved to look at Orion's belt like it was my personal formation in the sky. (Kinda like XKCD said here....) Nevertheless, i love it. Crocheted in Tunisian stitch (something i've yet to quite master with my teeny Tunisian hook...) i envy them! Wonderful work m'dear. You too, win an internet. 

      Though i have yet to actually read/play anything involving "Cthulu" i must say he's quite a character. Seen in everything from Scribblenauts, to plushies, to tea cozies this squid-faced behemoth has won my heart. (and probably my soul, but for such cuteness i'd probably give it willingly anyways.) 

        There are literally thousands of patterns for this squishy squid-guy, but these here are a few of my favorites: 
Amigurumi Cthulu -- Squid squee!

Ski-mask Cthulu (reminds me of an Ood...)

Cthulu Sock monkey! (Okay, not really knitted or crocheted... but it's Cthulu. Nod and smile.)

        And of course how can we end our yarn-craft section without a nod to the longest running game in the history of "WTF ANOTHER?" -- Final Fantasy. 

        Yes my friends, that is indeed the most adorable Chocobo amigurumi pattern you've ever laid eyes on -- and the lovely phantasmafreud has oh-so-lovingly written out the pattern for you all for free. You should go shower them with love and affection and promptly go make your own cuddly bird-buddy. DO EET.

        Still yarn-related but not quite, ammasmama has ingeniously created a tutorial on make-your-own resin knitting needles! 

         I'm sure with a little bit of know-how and a few power tools you could probably fashion crochet hooks as well (Ooooh! Custom Tunisian! :-o) But nevertheless, her tutorial is genius! The ingredients are slightly toxic so gas masks are definitely a requirement, but the McDonald's straws are just perfect. Who ever woulda thought? lol. Head over to her tutorial here and go make your own -- 

        But before you go sticking buttons and doodads on the backs of your newly created glitery stabbing tools, Check out what you could be putting on the ends of them instead to complete your nerdery: 

 Companion Cube-ry! 

        I myself have never really worked with canes (or clay much for that matter o.O) But these make me want to buy as many pretty shiny colors as i possibly can and cane away! Think of how many adorable Portal-themed charms you could come up with? Stitch markers? Buttons? Endcaps for the needles above? Muahahahahaha the possibilities!!

        Next Week i'll be showering you all in girliness, glitter, and all things nerderiffic -- but if you have a completely dorky/gamer/geeky/nerdish project you'd love to show off, feel free to drop me an email or a comment! I'd love to see what you've got!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Montage: Crab Rangoon!

        Welcome to Monday, the most glorious -- oh who am i kidding nobody's thrilled it's monday. (On a similar note, i seriously cannot stand Garfield. I want to watch him burn in a hobo fire with great fiery passion.)

        BUT! in the honor of it being my new blogging schedule (and the fact that i've noticed i can have this post written on a thursday and posted on a monday....) I've decided to grace you all with my shit-tastic photography skills. Enjoy. 
         This week's awesome noms were inspired by the extremely tasty Food People Want because for ages i've been craving Crab Rangoon. Not just like "Oh, it sounds pretty good, i'll get that the next time i go to the mall", i mean like Holy crap this is what it must feel like to be pregnant, i need it NOW kind of craving. (No, i'm not pregnant.) So Jim -- my loving tolerant sweet sweet fiance Jim... -- did the most wonderful thing in the world for me the other day, and bought the stuff to make homemade rangoons. (Baby, i love you!)
        We found Michael Parlapiano's gorgeous blog from our daily searches on Foodgawker. We wanted a recipe that was simple, wasn't too overcomplicated with ingredients we didn't have -- just pure sweet rangoon -- and my god did this recipe deliver!

        (Please note i may or may not be having a love-affair with Jim's Camera. I am not a photographer by any means -- (as you can obviously see) -- but this camera really makes me want to try o.o)

        We live in Indiana, so getting fresh crab isn't always easy. (or cheap!) So unfortunately, we had to go with the pre-packaged fake crab. But damnit it was still tasty!

  • 1 8oz Package of fake crab sticks
  • 1 8oz Block of cream cheese (softened)
  • 1/2 tsp Worchestershire sauce (Fact: I cannot pronounce that word for the life of me. Same with "Tranquilizer")
  • 1/2 tsp Soy sauce
  • 1/2 tsp Grated ginger
  • 1/2 tsp Lemon juice
  • 1-2 green onions, sliced paper-thin (we omitted these because dad won't eat anything with the word "onion" in it...)
  • Ground black pepper to taste
  • Store-bought wonton skins
  • 1 tbsp cornstarch
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 1 egg yolk
  • Oil for frying
  • In a large bowl, combine the crab meat and cream cheese until combined. 
  • Add the W-sauce, Soy Sauce, ginger, Lemon juice, green onions, and pepper and mix well. 
  • In a small bowl or cup, mix together the water, cornstarch, and egg yolk to make a glue. 
  • Take a wonton wrapper, and -- using your finger or a brush -- brush the egg mixture on the bottom and right edges. 
  • Using a rounded tablespoon, spoon the crab mixture into the wonton -- Do no overfill! It's going to look like you don't have enough. You will! Remember, you have to fold these!! 
  • Fold the wontons over into a triangle shape, so that the two wed sides, meet the two dry sides. pinch closed. Either use a fork to flute the edges (and seal them) or you can play around with your boyfriend's kitchen gadgets and make nifty edges with his ravioli maker you forgot you still had from christmas. 
  • Repeat with remaining wontons. 
  • When you run out of wontons, spread on crackers and continue eating. 
  • Preheat oven to 200° 
  • Fill a large (heavy bottom) pot with enough oil to fry with. Heat until oil is 350°, or until your boyfriend starts impatiently tossing rangoons in. 
  • Working in batches, fry 3-4 (or less, depending on how big your pot is) pockets at a time until golden brown and poofy. 
  • Fish them out of the oil and place on a rack with a paper towel to drain excess grease. 
  • Place in the oven to keep them warm, or eat directly from the pan while you fiddle with your camera and have a food-gasm.  

        Food.People.Want also provides a recipe for homemade sweet and sour sauce, but let's just say there wasn't enough time to finish the sauce before the rangoons were finished off. I'm happy to say however, that we got my cream-cheese-hating-little-brother to love cream cheese again. Mission accomplished? I think so.
        Next week I'll be posting the lovely recipe to RedFlag's "Chocolate covered Oatmeal Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies".

[Insert Homer Simpson drool sound here]

        Hopefully mine will turn out as pretty!!