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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Farewell my loves,

As many of you know, i've had an extremely hard time keeping this blog up and running. What started out as a wedding blog, quickly fell into an everything blog -- which is exactly what i didn't want. I'm not as popular, or as crafty, or as talented as half of the other people running these amazing blogs, and i'll admit -- i much prefer reading them, than attempting to write about something i only know a little bit about.

So i've decided to close down Cake for two. No, the wedding's not off, and no i didn't recieve any hatemail for anything. I just think i could do a lot better talking about something i actually know something about ;-)

This isn't the end of my "blogging career" either, just -- the end of Cake. So Farewell my entire four followers (and maybe family?). Perhaps in the future (once the wedding nears) I'll open this back up and update with things worthwhile -- but until then, goodbye :-) it was fun while it lasted.



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