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Sunday, January 16, 2011


So i believe i mentioned once that Jim bought me Prismas for Christmas? Y-eah.... I've kind of gone wild with them this week and completely ignored the blog... i sowwy!

In the process however, i get to spam you all with awesome Arts, right? (nod with me now... "Yesss......")

Firstly, I would like to explain that for those of you unaware, i'm a WoW-whore. (World of Warcraft for those of you confused...). I play a variety of characters (all female, mostly horde) but my main, is a Troll Rogue. Secondly is Abrigale the Belf Warlock, Thrishka the Orc Warrior, Taffeta the Goblin Priestess, and Lokeh the... er... Dranei Warrior o.O (AND my only Ally character. Damn you Jim for loving humans. >.>) Anywyas, i've been planning for like, forever to do a comic of all my family's characters together (Chance -- my brother -- plays an undead, a couple of orcs, and a tauren, and my Mom plays an undead (f), an orc (m) and a troll (m) ). I've been wanting to call it "The Voodoo You Do" after the story i'm writing. (If anyone's interested, wait till the end of the post and i'll pointcha there..)

So with that short (?) explination out of the way, I can now spam you all with fancy arts. (Keep in mind my scanner sucks epic monkey balls and hates dark colors, so these ALL look better in real life as apposed to their sad digital copies.)

Up first, we have the first thing my prisma's ever graced the paper with -- a head/shoulder shot of Illondra:

Not perfect i know, but I'm happy with her. Her shoulders are from no real specific set (not that i know of anyways o.O) and her head's a lil' elongated... but that's besides the point! I'm still thrilled with how she came out. (Keep in mind, that at this point in time, i hadn't found out you could blend them as easily as you could with an eraser/white pencil.... ) And of course, she's missing a braid on the other side of her head, but i couldn't figure out a way to do it without it looking like phantom-braid-from-hell... blargh. 
So we move on to one of my brother's characters. At the moment, this guy is his main-alt (if that makes sense?). They call him "Galthrin" and he's an Orc Hunter. 

As you can see, my blending got a *little* better in some parts, and completely non-existant in others. I'm completely NOT happy with his mohawk, but that's before i figured out how to do hair. >.> go me huh? His shoulders are from some Hunter set, no idea what tier (he picked them out) and no, he doesn't own them. (though he wishes he did.. lmao). No references were used either! (woo!). Once again, not really happy with it, but then again, when am i? 

Now we've come to the dark part in my art history of the past two weeks... I've ... er... found a new hobby. (and by "hobby" i mean "dark twisted sense of what's appropriate for a 21 year old girl to enjoy") 

What's this disturbing new "hobby"? 

My little ponies. 

There, i said it! But i'm not just talking about the kind you buy form the store and play with, i mean the custom ones that people make into stuff! I've seen boba fett, Sam Winchester (*heart!*), baby murloc's, pumpkin patches, Ravers, anything you could POSSIBLY imagine!! And as soon as i can get my hands on a bait pony (ponies that have been ruined/unwanted sitting in yardsales or goodwill, etc...) and some clay, i'm totally making a few of my own B-). Unfortunatly, i don't have a *true* MLP to show off here, (i will soon though... soon....) but instead, i have a horrible picture that gives the cosmos a reason to revoke my nerd-card. 
(The first -- and horrendous -- version can be found [here]. But be warned, it's pretty bad... o.O) So yes, i've ponified my troll. ISN'T SHE CUTE!? I thought so. :-3 I also had a blast playing with Jim's comic-pens (made for use with epic lineart making!) The blending looks soooooooo much better in rl. (promise!) but once again, scanner = poo. This lil' beauty has been uploaded to Deviantart for about a week or so now, and already has a rather large amount (er... 29...) of people "d'aww"-ing over her. (it makes me squee!!)

(This of course leads me to wanting to make Celestial steed mlp's, and of course Kodo's and Talbuks and wyverns -- OH MY!) so we'll see how that goes ;-) 

Last but not least, I give you the latest piece of work by moi. On Devart, i've joined a group called "World of Warchicks" (See my wicked ID [here]) -- Which is a group of nothin' but female players (just to prove we really do exist... lmao). Now, not all of us PLAY female characters, (nay, quite a few play only males o.O) But they're all wicked artists, or at least wicked-artist-appreciators. Well, they had this newsletter/journal entry that popped up and asked people to sketch up their favorite companions in-game. So of course i drew summin' we troll women be luvvin' almos' more den we be lovin' our men!

Be-be Raptors! Dis' one be what we call an "Obsidian" Raptor Hatchlin'. 

What's that? Obsidian = Black? This little guy's BLUE you say? 

*kicks scanner across the room*. Y-eah. Any black in the real-life photo was completely removed when it was scanned. It rather pissed me off. But I guess i'll live T.T) He still be cute 'mon!
(If you're wondering why i suddenly broke out into a Jamaican accent, the trolls in WoW speak that way.) 

So other than wishing my favorite artist Yapi to get well soon, (Srsly, go check her out, she draws the SEXIEST Troll-men EVER. *drool*) I haven't really been up to much. I've been planning on making Jim a pair of cabled fingerless gloves that he's been asking for for a while now (crocheted of course...), along with some baby booties for a friend of mine's first baby (a girl, due any day now! :-D) and a hat/scarf/glove set for me. *sigh* Busy busy busy.... 


Saturday, January 1, 2011

We'll miss you...

I find myself in the year 2011 with a heavy heart...

All over the world, people are celebrating the lives they've lived, and that they have survived another year. For many, the new year will bring them joy and happiness. I myself, am looking forward to a year with my beloved Jim where we can hopefully (finally...) leave our parent's behind and strike out on our own. We have both endured hardships to make it to where we are now, and there's definately not going to be any less this new year. Though we plan on beginning some things anew, we still can't forget our mistakes and our triumphs of the past. This last year has been no different.

But this post today is not meant to be about me or Jim. But about David.

When i became a part of Jimmy's family, i never imagined i'd meet such amazingly wonderful and incredibly loving people. His "Auntie" Dianne and Uncle Doug were my quick favorites (that is if i had  to choose, lol) and Auntie's father David was no exception. When i first met this man he made me blush as he kissed my hand and welcomed me with open arms into his home (er, porch... it was a barbecue i believe?) Though i'll admit, his thick English accent was sometimes hard to understand, he was still one of the sweetest (and oldest!) men i'd ever known -- such a complete gentleman!
I never tried to pry into private lives, but it was known that David had some physical ailments (as do we all when we are 90-something years old!) and according to Auntie, he had seemed to be growing worse and worse throughout the months. Christmas however, we were all delighted to see him eating and drinking and laughing with us all at dinner -- much perkier and lively than we'd all seen him in ages, and it truly made my day to see him smile and enjoy himself with us! (although i wish i could have seen him open our scarf and hat we'd made him, but i don't blame him for being tired that evening )
Much to my shock, this afternoon i was informed that David had passed away at 2:00 am, just after New Years in the comfort of a hospice. Immediately i fell into tears.

I'm not an extremely religious person by any means, but i do believe that there is a heaven for all of the wonderful people in life, and i do believe David is there now, enjoying himself with his Grandson Jimmy (whom i unfortunately never had the honor of meeting before he too passed away).

I hope Auntie and Doug will always remember him as the wonderful, amazing, kind-hearted gentleman i knew him as -- i know i will.

Rest in peace David.

(apologies for not finding an edited version, the song begins at 0:50, please ignore the Elphie/Glinda in the beginning...)