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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hey, a girl can dream...

So the (early) search for a venue is on... (read: "I was completely bored and decided to look up fancy Venues in Indiana we could check out...")

And i found a few wonderfully amazing places! I'm serious, some of these places are drop dead gorgeous! Unfortunately, (Just like every other venue...) they're hella expensive. T.T

The first one we came across, was the Sisters of Providence (Better known as: Saint Mary of the Woods -- yes, it's a college too.) and honestly, it's beautiful there T.T i've been there ever since i was little and i remember being in that hall a few times with my Great Aunt (Sister Georgiana) and i'm honestly head over heels for it.

(the pictures don't truly do it justice i know... but just look at it!) 

Can you believe how many people can fit in there?? o.O that looks like a thousand people! The windows are fabulous, and there's (once again) soooooooo much roooom! I'd feel so close to my great aunt there it'd be rediculous...

Only one problem... It's a church. er, sort-of. The hall is part of a girl's college/dorm and the Sisters of Providence Church/nunnery. (yes nunnery is a word.. type it into your own text box, it doesn't have a squiggle under it, lol) Anyways! My point is, it's part of a Catholic Church -- and i'm not too sure they'd be super fond of Jim and I have a ceremony there that didn't mention God, or had anything Pagan about it... :-/ So unless we could manage to get a wicked discount on it, there's most probably *no* chance of us getting it. But, just for S&G, i calculated the approximate costs:

Firstly, there's the menu: [Here] In which we would offer (probably) the Glazed Ham Station, Chicken Cordon Bleu, or the Stuffed Green Peppers as a vegetarian/vegan alternative... Sides? Ugh. i gave up reading a long time ago. As for drinks? We'd most likely serve Hot Cocoa and Apple Cider (both 16 servings per gallon).

With (estimated) about 150-200 people coming to the wedding (we have yet to truly define a list and haven't even sent out invitations yet -- don't get yer panties in a bunch aunts and uncles! you'll get one! be patient!!) it would cost us.... uhh..... *taps calculator and pulls a few levers as a machine whirrs in the background*

Ham carving station -- 6.95 (per person)
Green peppers -- 12.25 (per person)
Chicken blue -- 16.95 (per person)

hot cocoa (per gallon) 0.65 = 37.05
Apple Cider (per gallon) 10.25 (wtf!?) = 584.25

(if everybody has 6 drinks of one -- yeah, because that's average sure.. i'll keep telling myself that...  ) that's 57 gallons per drink

10 veggie -- 122.5
70 ham -- 486.50
70 chicken -- 1186.50
(totally BS numbers i split in half and counted all of our vegetarians)

Total: (and not including side-dishes)

Y-eah.... that's... a lot. o.O wonder if they'd let us self-cater? Lol.

Well anyways! :-D moving on!

Secondly, I managed to find *THE* dream venue o.o

 This place would seriously be the one i would want David Tutera to plop in my lap and go "SURPRISE!" it's seriously that nice o.o I mean, just look at it!! it's set up for a freaking theatre show! I'm giddy just thinking about it! haha.
Could you imagine walking up the aisle just like this lovely couple?? Like you'd be stepping on stage for a grand performance... the place is HUGE, and yet glamorous at the same time! *sigh*

Ugh. unfortunately i can guarantee you that since they don't post prices on their website, it's going to be *WAY* outside our budget, and catering ourselves would be totally out of the question o.O That'd be like bringing your grandmother's casserole to the Emmy's or something, lmao.

But still... *wistful sigh* a girl can dream, right? haha. Ah... the search continues...



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