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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dear November and December...

(This was originally posted on OBB, but i decided it was neither asking for advice or giving advice, so i took it down and decided to post it here.)

Dear months of November and December,

Please go die in a fiery ditch somewhere and NEVER resurface again. Please?

Why? You ask? Let's recap this for the people, shall we?

  • Death has visited my family twice in the past 4 weeks, taking not only my Great-Uncle  (who was one of the greatest men that ever lived...) but also his grandson. (In my family we have a sick twisted "rule" that never seems to fail... when people die, they go in threes. ever since i remember, this "rule" has never failed... and as soon as one family member dies, two more go within two months.) 
  • My Fiance has been in THREE car wrecks. (Okay, one of them was four months ago, but the last two were these past two weeks and only one of them was his fault.) One of them was just this morning! Can we NOT have my beloved be the last in my family's sick rule of 3!? That'd be great!
  • My Cockapoo had another major grandmal seizure thismorning, and we have yet to figure out what's causing it (his second this year)
  • The person i was buying my first car from gets arrested for drug-related problems, and the car is siezed. Nice...
  • I've had to deal with the rudest most Inconsiderate people, as they call or show up unannounced at the most inopportune moments. (3:00 am? SURE, come on out and bug me for no apparent reason! I'm not, y'know sleeping or anything!). Why? Because my dad's playing Santa for their kids, or they have some kind of stolen memorabilia they're wanting us to buy for Christmas to "help their families out" and won't take "NO" as an answer...
  • On top of all this, my body is riddled with bacteria to the point where my MRSA is acting up again, and my finger is looking quite necrotic at the moment and i'm hoping against hope it doesn't fall off.
It's literally taking everything i have, to keep from crumbling into a fetile position and sobbing until next christmas.

So if you're wondering why i haven't posted that often this month, That's why.

I do promise however, that as soon as I can (or as soon as this bottle of rum is gone...), I'm posting pictures from my 21st birthday last month, as well as the various cooking/baking/etc we've been up to.
We need some happy things on this thread anyways. <3


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