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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hammy Goodness!

The other day, i showed off my gorgeous new hammy babies Tiffy and Purl :-3 today, i managed to snap some better pictures of them to show off. (not by much though, they don't like to stay still o.O) 

Meet Tiffy and Purl, (short for Taffeta and ... er... Purl? lol) My twin panda hammies :-3

Both were born on October 14th of this year, and (except for two minor details) are completely identical! Tiffy, has white under her chin that continues onto her neck (but you can only see it if she's sitting up, so when they're running around it's hard to tell...) and Purl has half-an-ear! O.O

Jim surprised me with them as an early Christmas present this year! :-D Though neither of us noticed Purl's ear until two days later T.T -- it doesn't seem like a fresh wound, so it seems she's had it for a while... (and being in a gigantic tank at our favorite pet store with 50 other hammies, it's bound to happen to a few of them T.T) But it doesn't seem to bother her at all, and it definitely makes telling them apart a LOT easier, haha.

They love to do everything together -- especially their wheel! Though pictured here, their cage looks rather plain -- it was how they were delivered to me, and hadn't been spiffed up yet.

This is how their cage looks now :-3 -- still small, but they seem to love it ^.^ We plan on going to our favorite pet store  and checking out their end-of-the-year sales and see if we can't nab another cage or two so they can be separated later. (As much as i love seeing them together, i've been warned by people from forums and websites alike, that syrian hammies will start fighting eachother pretty soon... so i'll have to get them apart before the end of the year T.T) And of course i have a playpen for them (again, nothing fancy... but i just got them this week XD) Everything in there is re-used toys from our previous hamsters Elphie and Squirt (but since they both passed away in their cages mysteriously (although most likely from old age... they were both 3-4 years old...) i washed the HELL out of those toys/pen so if they died of anything catchy, it wouldn't spread.

They *love love LOVE* the yogurt treats their daddy bought them (and so do i ... they smell so strawberiffic i'm about to try one myself >.> lol) but last night we gave them some lettuce (i know i know, it can be dangerous, but there's no additives or anything and it's locally grown anti-pesticides and all that junk, and i'm not feeding it to them every day...) and a few various ham-safe-nuts left over from decorating Christmas stuff. 

Tiffy, (seen above) is super outgoing and hyper, and would probably have an anurism if i took the wheel out of the cage o.O seriously. I have to hook it to the top of the cage (so it's on it's side kind-of...) just so she won't run herself to death o.o. Although she ends up climbing up the sides of the cage and monkey-bars across the roof so she can sit on the back of the wheel and play King of the Mountain... lol. Too adorable XD i'll have to post video of that later...

Purl (seen above as well...) is much more shy and calm (and chubbeh...). So far, she seems to love to cuddle and sit in your hands inquisitively. The bell-moon-thingy (that was origionally a parakeet toy...) is her favorite object in the whole cage (2nd is the wheel when she can elbow on with her sister...) and it's so frikkin adorable to watch her hold onto the bell, grab it with her teeth, and then shake the hell out of it XD she'll do laps around the cage and then do it again! lol. 

They're by far, one of my favorite Christmas gifts, and they're just too cute to fully explain :-3 when i can get some better light, i'll have to post some videos of them performing their antics ;-)



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