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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy 50th post! :-D

(Aww, look! I made it to 50 posts!)

Time for an uplifting happy post, because dammit i need one! 
Okay, first things first, as a few of you can probably tell, i updated the blog's look again. I had some complaints from people on my facebook, that they couldn't read the text very well against the bright effing green background. So after some googling, some rum, and eventually giving up and going to Bing, i found a premade template i was happy with. It's christmassy, it's not too complicated, and damnit ya'll can read the text. (er, i hope o.O)...


Welcome to November 15th, my 21st birthday :-) I was actually able to spend it with family (and my grandpa. I think it was the only birthday he'd ever been present for? but that's another story...) We had a few troubles that involved timing, bad weather, money, and the ability to find a bottle of white rum as two people who *never* drink, but nevertheless, it was still awesome. 

 First off, I got to have Grandpa with me! :-D yay! (He gave me a lovely silver and gold diamond necklace in the shape of a key) 

Secondly, as you can see we had Papa John's Hawaiian pizza for dinner. OM NOM NOM

Okay okay... and a few drinks. But just a few. 

(No really, those four glasses in the front? that's all i had all night. I had a shot of vodka and gagged, a shot of Rum and gagged, a screwdriver, a slow screw (lmao), and then we couldn't find rum, so we mixed a glass on the left of Raspberry Dacquiri mix with vodka (and gagged) and then poured out half the vodka and added more mix and STILL gagged. the only things i liked, was the things with orange-juice in it. go figgur. 

Then Mum made my birthday cake this year :-3 It's Orange cake with Buttercream icing, and decorated to look like tiger lilies (which are totally made from Icing, and Orange Smile gummies which are my fav. candy that doesnt contain chocolate XD) It was nummy. 
Jim and I went out the next night to buy my first drink, and we had THE COOLEST waitress ever. She was all giggly and bubbly and then served me this gigantic beast: 

Yeah. I ordered a Strawberry Dacquiri. o.O THAT'S what i got. (And Jim's tiny Non-alcoholic Dacquiri in the background XD). See where the blackish blue swirl on the monster martini glass ends? that's about where i got it down to before i gave up and said "CAPPIN' WE CAN'T HOLD N'MORE!" and began nursing a brain-freeze. But the Chicken strips and fries were amazing. (Because DUH who doesn't like honey mustard!?) And i totally drew an Owl with crayons, because i'm awesome. 

We then tried to sneak a furry critter home as a birthday gift, but couldn't find anything in our price range to get. But i did get this adorable picture/story from the hamster section that makes me giggle. 

These little guys (there was like, 80 of them i swear...) had all managed to squeeze themselves into the green plastic house to the left, leaving only three or four of them running around to eat and play on things and make me squee at them. So i asked Jim if he could lift up the green house and i could see the (presumeably like, 3...) hamsters inside and see if i could pick one out from those instead -- and LO AND BEHOLD! the thing was PACKED with tiny hamster bodies, to the point where when he lifted the house, they were still in the shape of the house. I giggled like a madman, before picking up like seven of them and snuggling them. We didn't end up taking any home though. *pout*. Maybe christmas XD
Last but not least, we decided to go indulge in my second guilty obsession....  books. So we packed up our sheet, got into the car and drove across the parking lot (hey it was cold...) to Books-a-million where we proceeded to see some totally wicked shit that came in book form. Including these babies: 

Yep. That's a World of Warcraft book. and Yep, i'm a geek. (I ended up buying the first one XD) but I still REALLY want the first one, and the Shattering. (but really just the Shattering...). Christmas plz? :-3


Also, more updates later when i manage to find my camera cord in the depths of my black hole i call a purse. <3


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