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Friday, September 10, 2010

Considerably lighter this time...

Yes yes i know, i deleted the previous post. Not because i got hatemail from it, or because i didn't like comments left there... (on the contrary, i didn't receive anything about it o.O) but because i realized it doesn't matter. My family and my friends (and especially my fiance...) all read this blog. Whether or not they choose to comment on things, is their own thing... but they still read it.

As Jim told me last night, i can talk to him about anything. anything. After all, "that's what we're here for." and he's right. If i plan on marrying this man someday, then i need to be able to confide in him my every problem without feeling guilty. If he rolls his eyes and thinks to himself "Dear god, not again..." that's his own thing. but as long as he listens to me and hugs me -- pets my hair and tells me he loves me no matter what i look like or how i act... that's all that matters.

And he knows i'll do exactly the same for him each and every time. (I would insert a "less-than-three" heart here, but apparently my blog hates the less-than sign... lol)

So going with a considerably lighter theme this time... ( i mean, how on earth can crafts be depressing? o.O -- don't answer that...) I've decided to post on what we've been up to.

Jim -- who's been able to visit a LOT more often lately, has (as always) been bringing his gigantic basket-o'-yarn literally overflowing with skeins of various colors (most from his Tom Baker scarf...). He's also been super awesome, and has comissions for his nifty hats and scarves from the people at the station! Woohoo!

So far He's managed to finish a German flag scarf (pictured above) and his "nightcrawler" hat (also pictured above) both done on a knitting loom (as he does not crochet, lol).

He's also worked on one of the most awesome scarves in history.

The Sushi scarf. (which unfortunately i don't have a finished picture of... But just picture the salmon pink in the middle, surrounded by this yummy mustardy yellow, with wasabi green highlights wrapped in rice white, all rolled up in a comfy nori green. When unrolled, it looks like an abstract scarf. When rolled up, it looks like sushi! He got his inspiration from here. and i lurve it.

He's also working on a pair of socks on the loom using his kool-aid dyed wool...

I personally, have been working on lots of things to sell on our Etsy shop -- which is not up and running yet, as i'd like to have things to sell on there first, lol.

So far? I've finished the Camo Set:

Which is entirely hand-crocheted with a size K hook, using sport-weight 100% cotton yarn in what was supposed to be "earthy" tones... it wasn't until *after* i'd gotten halfway through the hat, did i realize it looks like Camoflouge.... bleh. (Which for those of you who don't know, i do NOT like hunting... and living in rural Indiana, that and paintball are the only pasttimes when one is not attending redneck lawnmower demolition derbies and nickel beer night...) So chances are, these are going up on the Etsy shop. (Unless i can't get over how incredibly and awesomely soft they are. which they totally are. and they fit. and they're awesome. Did i mention how amazing they are??)

As i mentioned above, Jim and I dye yarn with kool-aid. (not a lot mind you, the wool skeins are expensive, and we just discovered how much cheaper yarn at Walmart is than Hobby Lobby... go us... lol) So i felt like showing off our wonderful dye projects: (I will *probably* be posting some awesome DIY things soon... so beware!)

These were once gigantic 8oz skeins of yummy cream colored wool yarn. (70% wool, 30% acrylic which makes it stripe awesomely) They have since been rolled into my first yarn balls. (Which now makes me want some super sweet yarnbowls... but i are poor, so a-covet-ing i shall go, lol.) I have yet to decide what these two balls are destined for. Probably another matching scarf/hat combo... but we shall see.

we shall see!

other than that, we haven't done much else. I did however participate in the "to write love on her arms" event, which promotes National Suicide Prevention Week where you pick up a sharpie and write the word "LOVE" all over your forearm(s) to show that you care.

You're there to give comfort to those who are going through a rough time, or those who need support. It's also to show that may have known someone that was a 'victim' of suicide and it's a way to remember them. Unfortunately my design wasn't as complex and pretty as i had origionally hoped, but i discovered i'm not very talented writing on myself as i had hoped. So i threw on some fancy writing and wore it proudly.

Also wishing my dad a Happy 49th birthday as of yesterday. I may not always agree with him and i may not always like him... but he's still my dad. So happy birthday dad. I'm still not making you a vagina hat so get over it. :-)



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