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Monday, September 6, 2010

Bonny Brides Abound!

I know i know, finally a bridal post!

Don't have a heart attack lovelies, i know it's a rare occasion i actually post something related to my wedding as of late, but i've been feeling girly.

As some of you know, i've yet to find my wedding dress as it's hard to find one that comes in my size and price range, but those i've come to love have all come from (mostly) the same designer!

Well, guess what i found out?


that's right, they're holding a contest to win one of their UH-MAZE-ING couture gowns! -- although their "Essence" line isn't exactly to my tastes, i wouldn't exactly say no to this,

or this...

*sigh* gorgeous!

But the contest is super simple -- if you yourself are interested in entering ;-)

First off, there's a few ways you can win!

1) Fill out their super-simple survey found [here].
2) Follow their awesome blog [here].
3) Write your own blog post about their super-awesome contest and let them know!
4) Tweet about the contest, and let them know! (but i'm boycotting twitter, so i missed out on that one, lol)
5) Follow them on Facebook [here] and let them know!

You can also get 5 extra entries by taking the button to the right on THEIR PAGE and posting it on your blog (and letting them know of course) and then ta-da! :-D

Don't forget to skim through their fantastic galleries of dresses, and bring a drool cloth. You'll need one. ;-)

Unfortunately it seems i missed their contest for a dress from their "Bliss" collection. T.T If i had a chance to enter that one? I'd totally have joined twitter for a chance at this beauty,

I'm not a "bow" kind of girl.... but that bow on her hip is too-freaking-cute. It makes the dress IMHO.



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