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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Speaking of bloody things...

I promised you all Zombies, so i'm giving you all zombies!

I've always been in love with all things undead! I *love* the creep factor, and the way someone can take things like paint, gelatin, toilet paper, and Vaseline, and make some freakin' sweet zombie gore that looks real as hell!

That was me a few years ago for Halloween... the shirt was so shiny it looked like my bra was showing through in this picture, lmfao. Mum helped me with my makeup and it was awesome. Also sticky. Any arm hairs i had, were gone by the time that scar on my right arm was removed, lol. Everything there was made with homemade materials! it was awesome. (also, i don't have any pictures of it, but my pantlegs were torn and ripped all to hell and i was wearing awesome creepy hiking boots all bloodied up!

Honestly, if it were up to me, i'd have an entirely zombie wedding. One of the reasons i love Jim so much, is that we share a love for bloody, gory, brain-nomming creatures. (and the same distaste for "fast-zombies"!!!) So instead of having a bloodied up wedding dress, and exposed grey matter for a veil, we're having the wedding as close to our favorite holiday as possible.

I have seen people *DO* zombie weddings... (just go to and search for "zombie" you'll find some pretty freakin' sweet stuff! like this and this!)

But since my family would brain me -- haha i made a pun! -- for even THINKING about having a zombie wedding... (and as much as i love my horror and gore, i'm totally suckered into the idea of a white traditional wedding. with kilts and pumpkins... lmfao) i'll just have to settle for sweet zombie gear.

I give you,

My Zombie Goodies Wish List!

First off, is the most amazing pair of high heels i've ever seen.

From Ironfist Clothing, comes the sweetest pair of feet-torture-devices ever! Open toe heels with zombie teeth, eyeballs, all kinds of gory goodness!! I'm a sucker for the delicate little bow on the back, haha. waaaaaay too cute!

Price: $45.00

(p.s. i wear a size 11...)

(P.p.s... it also comes in a bikini, flats, clutch, and flip-flops!)

I never understood how the symbol of the heart (two bumpy things that come to a point at the bottom...) were meant to symbolize the actual organ... i mean, there are some similarities... i suppose... but it's still weird. This shirt though? this shirt captures everything i love about zombies, and my confusion to this heart conundrum!

Ah, sweet sweet confusion. If you're not a black-shirt type of person, there's also a nifty white version. but because white shows blood -- er... dirt easier, i only like the black.

Cost: $14.99

(Pst.... i wear a 3x!)

If you're not a t-shirt person, or want to show your zombie pride while at work, (and work doesn't allow you to wear awesome t-shirts...) then you can at *least* show it on a coffee mug! (The TRUE American way! :-D)

Find it here for $13.00


Jim refuses to put bumper stickers on his precious car. Me? As soon as i inherit the stranger danger mobile I'm slappin' stickers all over it. I'm going to cover every. damn. inch. of that thing. To accompany my favorite stickers declaring something about believing in dragons, faeries, good men and other such fantasy creatures, i'm adding this one to the mix.

Though i love the acid green of the car, i doubt my van would look that cool that green. The response team sticker though makes me giggle like a teeny pink mad scientist who probably has hello-kitty beakers and test-tubes. (brownie points to anybody who sends me a link of a hello-kitty science kit... lmfao)

Cost: $7.99


Have you ever traversed the aisles of your local costume shop or party store and seen those ridiculously expensive hand/face/brain molds for jello or ice? they're like, 20 dollars and made of flimsy one-time-use plastic. Y-eah..... i never bought one either. I used the old Martha Stewart version of "Fill a rubber glove with jello and tie it shut" method. Although for brains... that didn't work too easy. She had a method for doing faces too that was pretty cheap... but damnit i want brains in my punch!

Intro: brain ice cube mold...

"Brain Freeze" -- ahaha puns! For almost 8 bucks these are completely affordable, and being that they're silicone, they'll last for like, freaking EVER. (and if they break, they're affordable enough to be replaced...)

Cost: $7.99

But they're not quite big enough to float in the punch... i mean, yes they ARE brains... and they ARE ice-cubes... but they're just not big enough to be a human brain...

THAT is big enough. Though a bit more pricey, and a bit less resilient, they're definitely the right size! (i'm loving the gummy worms!)

Cost: $9.99


The cupcake-instead-of-a-huge-tiered-cake wedding trend has taken the world by storm! Why have those prissy little lasercut fancy lace cupcake liners when you could have NOMSKULLS!

Silicone skull molds are too cute! though if you wanted them for a wedding you'd have to buy an awful lot... but hey! they could be part of the favors! But seriously, how cool are these!? the pink icing on the top is (literally...) the icing on the cake.

cost: $12.00


I'm not sure what the whole fascination about Haiku's has been lately, but it's kind of neat. heck, even had a world of warcraft-themed haiku contest! (which i totally didn't enter a total of 40 times and didn't get posted once... damn!) but i've come to love the sudden influx of 5,7,5 syllables that's invaded my friend's facebook status's. (Or is that 'Stati' ??)

Well, either way, there's actually a zombie haiku book. Want? Of course!

Cost: $8.99

(Pst! This would look great next to my zombie survivor guide!)


Mmmm.... zombie goodness.

WoW stuff tomorrow ;-)



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