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Friday, August 6, 2010

The trouble with Trebles!

So you all know my man introduced me into looming -- and i've had my fair share of disastrous projects. However, as time went on, i began getting a little savvy with my looms. I've managed to master socks, bought my own adjustable loom, and even whipped up some pretty fancy (i.e: completely boring) handwarmers of matching yarn. I felt proud, and confident! I COULD MAKE ANYTHING! .... as long as it was square-ish or completely round in shape and didn't require any grafting onto other pieces... lmao.

So what does hubby do? Now that his Dr. Who scarf is nearing it's halfway point? He buys us both "I taught myself to crochet!" books. (the ones with the cheesy kids on the front making it look like "zomg! this is so easy your 6 year old NIECE could do it! why can't you!?"). So filled with confidence, i popped open that plastic package and ripped out my shiny new Boye needles, a bunch of plastic tag thingies (that i was informed can be used for stitch markers on thick/bulky/super-bulky yarn, or to hold strands together when using multiple threads... who knew!?) some round stitch markers, a REALLY LONG afghan needle, and of course, the book.

With fingers trembling, i open up the book and begin reading the instructions like some hidden message from the yarn gods!

Unfortunately, this endeavor ends the same exact way every other "i taught myself" book has before. in horrible fiery disaster, with women and children running for cover as i get closer and closer to chucking my needles across the room in frustration.

Fortunately for me, i was able to dig out a youtube video on how to begin crocheting.

This woman is amazing. (and totally sounds like my friend Katie's mom...) She does things slow enough for beginners to get the hang of it, and repeats it over and over in case you didn't catch it. Before you know it, you'll be crocheting in singles, half-doubles, doubles, trebles, and even in the round!

Hell, i was feeling so confident in my newly aquired skills by the time i finished watching her videos, i went out and found a pattern for an octopus. Why? because octopus rock, that's why. And the instructions seemed easy enough to follow! (unless you're like me, get completely overconfident, and decide that you can just "wing it" when it comes to making the head shape...) In the end, i created "Steve" the octopus.

He's not gorgeous mind you, but he's not a mangled mess of yarn either. (and he still needs eyes... i just haven't found the right buttons yet!)

So after reviewing the videos a couple more times, i decided to try something ambitious. Something that's (hopefully) going to be used. The pattern? A wee jacket! No litterally, it's called "A wee Jacket" and it's a free pattern from "Lionbrand yarn" (who has an AMAZING array of patterns btw... although i still think Ravelry is better.) It's comprised mostly of HDC stitches, and you crochet panels at a time like you would if you were to cut out the fabric and sew it together with a machine. The only difference, is that this hoodie is going to have awesome buttons on it, and freaking dinosaur spikes on the hood. Because Dinosaurs on babies are freaking adorable. muahaha.

It's also like, the 4th rendition of this hoodie for the most adorable munchkin ever. But this one? this one's going to be final.

This poor hoodie has started out as an e-wrapped disaster that barely fits one of my old babydolls, to a rediculous mess where i tried to loom the whole thing at once instead of in parts, to another flimsy, scratchy, horror that i was afraid would cause that poor babe a rash. So finally... i've ripped all the yarn out, and decided once and for all to crochet this thing! So far? it's completely soft, not too thick, but not too thin, tight enough his fingers won't get caught in it, but loose enough so it's not too stiff.

I've also decided to create a list with a list of projects i'd like to complete (in due time of course). There might be 10, there might be 1,000 -- but they're all crafts i'd like to make at some point in time. (If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them in either in e-mail, or in the comments and i'll check them out! :-D)

*= knitting

  1. Apple Tawashi Dishcloths
  2. Saartje's Bootees*
  3. Easy Handspun Mitts*
  4. Crochet to go: Party Dress
  5. Garter Stitch Baby Kimono*
  6. Amigurumi Teacup Pincushion
  7. Cuddly Crochet Koala
  8. Camden Throw
  9. Kitten Hook Holder (squee! too freaking cute!)
  10. Pencil Scarf
  11. Stash basket
  12. Baroque Tabard Tunic
  13. Sweater Jacket (for my niece!)
  14. Charizard Plushie!
  15. Firecracker Gloves
  16. Owl Eye Mask
  17. Valentine Sleeping Mask
  18. -tba
More patterns will be added as i go! :-D

(Also, yes i know i don't know how to knit yet. I plan on learning though!)



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