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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My fingers! they will bleeeeed!

Things around here have been (as i said before) too laid back. It's summer, it's hot, the fleas have claimed by bedroom in the name of their sadistic queen, and in turn held captive hubby's torchwood dvd's...

So instead of sitting in my room and playing facebook games until my eyeballs rot and fall out, i've done something productive, Crocheting! (which i always read as "Crotch. et. ting." every time i write it, lol)

I've been a busy little granny bee lately, and have gotten the hang of crocheting things that are pretty simple: i.e: scarves, hats, socks, etc. etc. etc.

(please excuse the crappy camera photos. my lighting was HORRIBLE o.o)

This was my first ever dye project! i was SO excited with how it turned out! It's a 70% Wool/30% Acrylic blend, and the color was originally "cream" but it turned out gorgeous. It's been microwave-dyed with grape kool-aid/cheery kool-aid/berry kool-aid, and orange kool-aid. And i must say, it's quite fruity smelling now.

It took me about a week to figure out what on earth to make with my lovely new "halloween" yarn (as i'd dubbed it...). Eventually i realized it wasn't enough to make socks. I also didn't want to make a scarf. (although i'm OBSESSED with scarves... i didn't want to make something i'd only wear once, and then hang off my lamp stand..) So i practiced my rounds, and made myself the coolest freaking hat i've ever owned...



or something like that, lol.

But more projects just seemed to crawl out of my skeins! What's this? ANOTHER hat?? done in a single night!? MUAHAHAHAHA! (cough cough)

However, this one wasn't meant to be a mere beanie. NO! it's destined to have adorable little kitty ears with pink insides attached! It's also destined to be the first item on my Etsy shop i'm hoping to start by the end of next month! :-D

These -- though not crocheted, they were loomed on the KK blue loom -- are the most comfortable freaking socks EVAR. a little loose i suppose, but they're soooooo comfy! They're made of self-striping blue yarn in random shades of blue. Versions of these too, will also be put up onto Etsy as soon as i figure out how to make them bigger and smaller... (hopefully my new adjustable sock loom will help with that ;-) )

Last but not least... is the scarf. The "Pumpkin Spice" Scarf i fell in love with while i was making it. It was self-striping (I'm seeing a pattern here... no puns intended) Something-and-ochre cotton yarn. When i bought it, i had thought it would be perfect for autumn socks. so soft! it was in the pile with all the acrylic "with aloe" that were amazing on the skin. When i got home however, i discovered it was "i love cotton!" brand cotton. No! my socks... never to be realized! (As i've been told that cotton is not very stretchy when it comes to making socks... but after making the scarf, i may just go back and buy another skein or two of this and try it out anyways.) The scarf is soft, and wide, the colors are amazing! The sun was even in *just the right* position to let me take a worthwhile photo that wasn't on the kitchen table or a bedspread at 3 in the morning!!

But there's one thing wrong with it...

It's too short.

The skein i had bought was this teensy thing in a pile of other teensy skeins labeled as "sock skeins" from a discount part of hobby lobby. Of course finding out it was cotton dampened my spirits. so a scarf it was to be! But being a "sock skein" i didn't have enough to finish the scarf. It's 2/3'rds of the way finished, but my mom loves it just the way it is. She calls it the "neck warmer" and boasts how it's not as long and bulky as the other scarves. It's now HER new "neck warmer" as i can't find anything else to do with it, and don't have the heart to rip it apart, lol.

--and that's about it for my crocheting adventures. I *do* have a pair of "Freddy Kruger" socks to make for the hubby (dark green and red, as he requested.), another cat hat, and probably a fox hat or two because i have a crapload of orange and nothing to do with it, and i need to get something up on etsy soon!

why am i infatuated with selling things on etsy all of a sudden? well... because of a few things...

Jim and I got to IM'ing a day or so ago and decided we're going to start saving up for our first place. We're sick of living with our parents, sick of having to eat their food, be around their second hand smoke, and have to live by their rules with their satellite TV, or lack thereof... tired of being yelled at or told that while we're living under "their" roof, we live by "their" rules. no matter how much money they do or don't donate to the rent.

Though we decided we're moving in together a long time ago, nothing ever felt so official.

"Spring" he said. he wants to be out of here by spring. it's almost officially Autumn here, so that leaves us 7 or 8 months to save up.

but he wants a second job! Something easy like cashiering! something simple so he's not working like a dog all day long...

but i'm still worried about him. I'm worried about his heart and how he passed out more than once because of stress. I'm worried about his head and how it's going to be pounding when he comes home from work and only have a few hours to sleep, and then go straight to school...

So with all that, i've decided i'm going to help out. I'm going to crochet until my fingers bleed, and then crochet some more. I'm selling it ALL on Etsy and every last bit of that money is going towards that apartment. Whether we use it for furniture money, or rent money, i don't care. but more than half of the money's going for this house. a small portion is going for more yarn... lol.

As i mentioned in the last post, i promise you all zombie goodness... and possibly some wow-ness.

but yeah.

Thanks for listening to the rant my lovelies!



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