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Friday, August 6, 2010

Welcome Home Boys!

So Monday night, for the first time in a whole year i got to see my best friends again. Mitch and Jack both came home from their respective countries (Germany and Japan) where they had spent an entire year being thrown into a nearly unfamiliar culture and language with (in some cases) nobody they knew to accompany them. In some ways, I envied them.

Mitchell was able to explore Europe and in-turn, got to see some of the most amazing and awe-inspiring sights.

Like this gorgeous spot, in what i think was Cork?

And this amazingly grand cathedral!

He was able to celebrate his 21'st birthday over there, experiencing wines, beers, and probably a lot of other high-proof beverages.

(This was with his family in Amsterdam, and probably nowhere near his birthday... lol)

He made new friends who we all can't wait to meet someday!


Jack was able to traverse through Japan and all it's wonder.

and again made awesome new friends.

But in the end, we all missed them dearly. Some of us, (Erika, Lauren, and Rachel) were able to go to Europe and meet Mitch, traveling for a week (or was it two?) and take in all the wonder that is England and Ireland.

According to Facebook, it was amazing.
(Hanging in castles and Abbey's...)

(Climbing on Thick cut bacon...)

(Defeating Inflatable Daleks!)

(Taking Album-cover-worthy Photos of feet and cliffs...)

(And of course just relaxing at a pub somewhere!)

The anticipation to see them all again was almost overwhelming so i just about squealed with joy when Jim told me he could drive me out to Riley and see them all.

Well... apparently Jim's cell never got the text/calls, and we didn't have internet to check facebook ... but we arrived like an hour and a half early (their plane was delayed a LOT so the party was at 10:30 instead of 9:00...) with Jack and his amazingly awesome girlfriend Karel (who kind of reminds me of Amy Pond) So we were at least able to hang out and catch up (and hear some crazy stories about orange-skinned Japanese girls with claws, goth guys with spiked purses, and giant agry alleycats hiding in shadows reminiscent to horror movies.)

All-in-all it turned out alright after a couple of phonecalls, and a trip to the local coffee shop the party was finally on.
Where things like that happened.

and this...
and a whole lot of this.

Oh, and i FINALLY made a batch of Rainbow Cupcakes that had eggs in them. They were amazing and delicious.



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