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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The light! it burnses!

Apologies for the length between posts... it's been a little *too* laid back lately.. lol.

So the hubbs came and spent pretty much a week with us (or at least what felt like it) for his birthday on the 8th. My amazing sexy man turned 25! (and for a few months, is 5 years older than me... lol)

and no baby, you're not getting a sneak-peek into your totally late present, that the website was out-of-stock on! :-P

I have however, been really busy with my crocheting! The first front panel, and the back panel of the dinosaur hoodie is done! But i'm completely out of green yarn now... good thing it's acrylic so i don't have to try and match dye lots! (and when i'm not feeling lazy, i'll post pictures. but i'm tooooooootally feeling lazy right now... lol)

i am however, in a totally zombie mood. I shall update with bloody undead goodness soon. along with some WoW-ness.

So i guess you could take this as a warning post? yeah. we'll call it that. lol.



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