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Sunday, August 8, 2010

I sooooo hope this works...

For those of you unaware, i'm informing you now... Jim and I love zombies.

Like, freaking love zombies. we have yet to come up with a solid plan about surviving one, but since i no longer live within walking distance of a graveyard or a chemical plant (like the last house o.O) i can say my odds are getting better. Also this house has a wicked basement and freaking CORNFIELDS EVERYWHERE.

but anyways, (and i'm really hoping this html works...) i found this.

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It's a "Zombietrak 3000!" and it tells you where your nearest zombie outbreak has happened. (Basically, wherever somebody bought a t-shirt from them at their local Walmart, it puts it up on the web and tells people it's an "outbreak" or a "sighting" but it's still cuter than hell... XD)

Now chances are, it'll show *your* area when you look at this. It showed Indiana to me, lol. For being surrounded by rednecks, chemical plants, and indian burial grounds, i'm surprised our number isn't higher. oh well!


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