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Friday, October 15, 2010

The holy grail!

Like i said, updates are going to be sporraddic and probably off-the-wall... (considering this is more a craft-blog anymore than my wedding-blog... but you'll all live i'm sure, haha.) Anyways, i'm SUPER EXCITED!!! (insert high-pitched ecstatic fangirl squeal here) because i've found... THE Dress!

Yes, the dress that makes you go "ZOMG!" the dress that makes you tear up when you look at it... the dress that most little girls rip out of their big sister's bridal magazines and tape to the insides of their binders to dream about for years to come... (well, except i've never done any of that... i just scour the interwebz for days.... okay maybe months.)

Since we decided on a Halloween Wedding, (black, white, green, red, etc. etc. etc.... classy but spooky and all that creepy wonderful stuff) I decided -- on a whim -- to google "black wedding dress" and took my chances with it's iffy image search.

The angels began to sing!

On the very first page, i found it. It was a tiny image, but it was there.... glowing like a beacon in the night!!! (okay, yeah i know... google images are now ALL on a front page... but that's besides the point. XD) Jim found it at the same time as me and went "oooh... pretty...." so i right-clicked and put "open in new tab" to forget about it until later. about 400 black/black & white dresses later, i came back to it. I don't remember the exact website i first found it on, but nevertheless, it was beautiful....

So what dress have i fallen head over heels for??? 

Maggie Sottero's "Vincenza" -- (and it comes in a size 28!) 

(and the beautiful back) 
It comes in "Diamond White", "White", "Diamond White/Oyster", "Diamond White/Ruby", and of course, "Diamond White/Black" 


There's not a single thing i don't like about this dress! It has the black, the embroidery, no bling, the train, the corset back, sweetheart neck, the perfect amount of ballgown-meets- a-line, everything! :-D

Now all i need is $1,300 dollars.... *pout* but i've got a little under 2 years to save up damn it! that dress will be mine! lol. 

Pairing this up with accessories however, is going to be even more fun than discovering the dress! ;-) Custom ruby slippers are already decided. Now i just have to spend countless hours looking for the perfect jewelry, and hair accessories :-D yay! (and bouquets, and garters, and stockings, and--and--*head asplodes*) lol. 

Okay, i promise to breathe. 




Anonymous said...

I need these dress "Diamond White/Black", please where I can buy them?

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