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Friday, October 15, 2010

Okay, maybe i lied... XD

I lied. We're not going on Hiatus, i just had a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge case of writer's block, and complete denial, lol.

After much talking with the future-hubbs about the wedding, we've decided that, you know what? we don't care what everybody thinks about the wedding. I don't have to wear a white dress and a veil and we have to have a pretty cake with flowers and everything has to be normal. 

We're going with our origional plan, but slightly tweaked.

We're going all-out Halloween bitches!

So yeah... lol. We've always loved Halloween. it's the one time a year you get to dress up as sexy, as terrifying, as cute, or as bizarre as you possibly can, and get to patrol the streets (with or without gathering candy, although that's totally not a bad thing...) and people won't stare at you strange, or call the cops on you! It's truly the one night of the year (or in our case, month...) where you get to show your true colors, so why on earth shouldn't our wedding be any different?? after all... we're both coming out to our families that we're pagan, we're shoving normalicy out the window with our pagan cerimonies and all... why not go all the way? We're going black and orange baby!

Though we still want to keep the elegant feel to it -- after all, it is a wedding... (lmao) -- and we're not going to have people come in costumes or anything. We've been trolling the internet all day today oohing and ahing over   gorgeously terrifying tablescapes and wedding dresses with -- *le gasp!*-- black in them. (and i've fallen in love!!!) So i thought i'd let you guys all know what's going on ;-)

Keep in mind, (not that anybody's complained or left a comment in aaaaaaaaaaaages... lol) that posts are going to continue to be a little sporadic until i get things under control. i've got a LOT of crocheting i'm working on, and a lot of baking and sewing and other "girly" things to do. But i shall catch you all up on it. i swear. mebbe...

That, and i totally just re-organized all my bookmarks and favorites again so i'm not going "oooooh... where's that one picture i saved from that one website i wanted to post on the blog???" and then getting distracted by shiney zombie shoes and horror photo shoots... XD

So here we are.... I shall update with some frikkin' weet inspro boards as soon as i figure out how to use the bf's photoshop program. ( I. R. paintshop pro nerd....)

Hope you're all as excited as i am ;-)


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