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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Super-Mega-Update-Of-AWESOMENESS (or something like that.)

        So it's been a little over a month since i've posted -- i apologize guys. Things have been a little... well... busy to say the least. We've not only lost Uncle David suddenly, but also been through one hell of a snowstorm (not to mention the added loss of our two guinea pigs and all four babies they'd had...) With trying to keep enough dry firewood to keep the house warm, writing stories, and crocheting like mad, it's been tough finding time to sit down and make a worthwhile post. (but trust me, if you could see my favorites list right now, it'd have you ooh'ing and ahh'ing. i swear!)

        So i figured -- why not!? I'll share some of my most favorite sites with you so YOU TOO can squeal like the little fangirls you know you are, and enjoy some kickass D.I.Y's and just pure amazing stuff. (You know, so you can look at stuff in between my rediculously long update periods...)
        So first off, i'm posting the wedding-y things. Not necessarily all about dresses, these are tutorials and general "Wow!" articles/sites that have really inspired me in the last few months...


        First off, he ever lovely Candycanechild (from Craftster's forums) posted a beautiful tutorial on how to make some unique paper that can be used for STD's, invites, placecards, hell even the programs! (not to mention Valentines, greeting cards, or just amazingly colored paper for all your crafting needs!)

        They have a nifty tie-dye type of design to it -- and can you believe it's just food coloring and shaving cream? Check out the full tutorial [Here] and squee over it too so i don't feel like such a dork. (please?)

        Second, more paper! Kind of. o.O How many of you are doing STD's? (Save-the-date's) Jim and I are going to do our best to get some out due to the fact that we're having our wedding so close to a holiday, but we have yet to come up with a definite design. (more on that later!) But i have to say, i am in freaking love with these nerderiffic (yes, that's a word...) Space-invader pop-up cards!!

        I can almost hear the music beeping monotonously in the background XD. The extremely crafty (and ingenious) Ceep came up with these on my new favorite haunt -- Craftster forums -- and goes into detail about just how difficult the finished product really was to perfect. (Lookit those teeny tiny strips of paper barely holding on to the top 'pixil's'!! Ack. i'd break it every time T.T) But if you think you're confident enough in your cutting skills to make these (or other sprites! I'm sure a mario one would be kickass!) check out the full thread and fawn over her prowess there, or check out Offbeat brides' "Show us" thread here for some more inspiration from the most wonderful girls on the web!

        Though i'm not a parent yet, I've become quite enamored with the website "Parent Hacks". Not only do they share wonderful eco-friendly alternatives for everything baby, but they also share some pretty nifty crafts to do with your kids (or for your kids). My current favorite, is Tie-dye tissue paper.

        Though you can sort-of see a pattern (haha, a joke!) in my love for all things hippy, i have actually never tie-dyed anything o.O But reading through the tutorial here made me really want to try! Made out of that crinkly tissue paper my mom stuffs into gift bags to make things look bigger than they really are, these beautiful works of art could be used for tons of crafty things! (The website even mentions gift wrapping, although it'd break my heart to see such gorgeous stuff be ripped to shreds!) And be sure to check out the rest of the gallery here where the rest of the fancy images are hiding!

        If you're like me, then you've got a ton of art supplies sitting around in boxes and baskets ready to be used in a moment's notice. If you're also like me, they've been sitting there for about a year because you've been saving it for "that one special project!". Well ladies (and gents), Here's that project.

     I myself, was given a "make your own candle" kit from the hubbs a few years ago, and simply never got around to doing it. I've got wicks, wax, dye, molds, everything! Just no patience or incentive! I've got candles out the wazoo over here (I may be a candle-phile... not sure if that's a word.) so i never really found a real need to make a bright purple pillar candle all of a sudden. I also -- have a bag of 80 tealights that have only seen the light of day (ironically...) during blackouts due to storms. So this project here gives me a wonderful idea for that unused wax!! Environmentally safe, they're not only beautifully elegant and "chic" but also really frikkin' easy. (the best kind of craft.)

(Also, the wonderful people who created this tutorial have a TON of totally awesome candle/soap ideas!)

        Another wicked website "Dollar Store Crafts" is after my own heart. They showcase cheap D.I.Y projects with some pretty kickass ideas. Need something thrifty but elegant for the wedding, and can't afford those $8-a-piece votive holders you saw at Steinmart? Fear not! You can make a cheaper cuter facsimile and who's ever going to know the difference?

        Using dollar-tree wine glasses, gift-box takeout boxes, and battery operated candles (because otherwise they might catch on fire o.O) These little votive lamps are adorable and honestly something i never would have thought of until now! A similar tutorial even shows how you can use dollar-store lampshades instead of takeout boxes!

        Anyone who's ever even tried to google "weddings" has probably come across those completely versatile Apothecary jars that the wedding designers stick candies and little trinkets in -- right? They're really hard not to miss! Well, the lovely people at Dollarstorecrafts, have come up with a simple (yet slightly smaller) solution, that i'm sure with some ingenuity, would result in some gorgeous glassware! (Unforunately due to my blog's size and my lack of knowledge in how to resize shit, the link to the video is [Here] where you can enjoy it in all it's High-Def glory.)

         Again, if you're like me, you love all things girly and frilly. Although i have yet to work these into my wedding, I'm sure if i tried hard enough, i could find a way!

        After all, who wouldn't want teeny chandeliers in your own custom colors to hang above each table? Or hell, i'd just hang it up in my room, but then again i'm a dork. The full (awesomely photographed) tutorial is here for anyone interested. <3

        Of course i've got nearly thousands of things favorite'd right now, so bear with me as i ramble on about things that may or may not have strayed from the weddingness i first promised. To be perfectly honest, it's hard to keep a blog entirely about weddings -- especially for someone who's never been to a wedding (well, being 2 doesn't really count. i don't even remember being two!) and having only seen wedding shows/books/other websites, it's hard to constantly blog about something you don't really know -- so when i do blog about what i know, i end up with crafts. lol.

        I did want to let you all know though, that i plan on keeping the blog alive a little more often. It's a good place to squee about things with other people who understand, as well as show off not only my own achievements in the crafting/wedding world, but those of others! So starting this week, (er... monday i guess?) I'm going to be updating the blog on certain days with certain things, with intermitten posts of geekdom and nerdery in between. <3

The schedule should *hopefully* look like this:
  • Mondays -- comprised of what i hope to accomplish this week. Usually recipes or the beginning of crafts. Also recaps any weekend crafting/cooking adventures, as well as a couple of websites i may have visited and caught my eye. 
  • Wednesdays -- Complete Geekery. Gaming, Warcraft, Books, anything completely and utterly nonsensical is going here. (There will be MANY many articles/comics going here from my various "dailies" -- comics i read every morning -- as well as exceperts/links from cracked, dorkly, and other fine offbeat places.)
  • Fridays -- The best of the best. Websites and crafts that have literally made me squee out loud and deserve a friggin' trophy are going here. (I have an entire freaking folder in my favorites i do this with.. no seriously!) So every Friday i'm going to post a few and what i love about them. (Kind of like a spotlight :-D)
        Weekends and Tuesdays/Thursdays are my Warcraft-- I MEAN "me" time. Okay, warcraft. I may or may not be completely obsessed with that game.... but that's besides the point!!!

        So i hope you guys look forward to a few more updates (and not necessarily wedding!!) though i promise to post some weddingness here and there. ;-) (maybe i'll give it it's own day too?)



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