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Friday, June 18, 2010

*insert witty title here*

Oh man... i'd planned on watching my collection of *cough*"Legally aquired totally-not-torrent-downloaded*cough* chick flicks tonight... (I.e: When in Rome, Bride wars, Valentine's day... etc.) only to be utterly dissapointed. >.> First off, the last two (Bride wars and v-day) neither "totally legal copy" worked. complete duds.... but i'll live. i can always watch Bride wars in another "totally legal" way! but When in Rome??

The trailers i saw (i dunno if they're the ones you saw or not o.O) made this look like an adorable romantic comedy where pretty much every guy in Rome falls in love with this girl who's desparate for love (perhaps she heard a legend about the coins and decided to try it out, perhaps it was an accident and she meets the man of her dreams!) (SPOILERS POSSIBLE...) instead? I get 40 minutes into the show and am completely bored out of my mind. The woman is a work-a-holic (typical...) with a younger sister (who i think is the stuck-up girl from "that 70's show" but i'm not for certain. i suck with celebrities...) who falls deeply in love with a stranger (also typical...) Older sister (and main character) almost immediately falls head over heels over a guy SHE just met... (after she ridiculed her sister... hypocrite much?) and after seeing him with another woman in front of the oh-so-convieniently placed "Fountain of love" she gets shit-faced drunk and steals 4 coins and a pokerchip from the fountain. Cut scenes for each coin reveal complete stereotype guys. and not the Sexy Jock, Nerd with a heart of gold, or shy-guy-but-totally-adorable stereotypes either. i mean stereotypes like still-in-the-closet-male-model, crazy italian artist with bad fakey accent, balding nobody, and others. The characters were completely overplayed and thoroughly boring and left me sitting on my bed wishing "The Curse of the Confederate Cannibals" had finished first...

All-in-all? these movies totally killed my wedding-high. (Seriously spent 13 hours this week watching "Don't tell the bride", "My Fair Wedding" "Say Yes to the Dress" and "Girl Meets Gown". Another (probably 70-some...) hours sifting through DIY sites on boutouneers, bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, and food. (okay honestly the food had nothing to do with it, i just REALLY wanted something sweet... but that's besides the point.) but with "When in Rome" added to my list of 'movies-i-don't-ever-wanna-see-again-EVER' list, it killed it.

But enough complaining. i DID manage to bookmark a few *uh-MAZE-ing* sites with some fantastic DIY projects! (and one dress site i'm dying to post here, but i want her permission first and she hasn't emailed me back yet... ). So without further ado, i give you -- how i spent my last week!


As a fifth-grader, and a middle schooler, i loved playing violin. not because i was one of those academic kids with the private tutor, but because of my teacher. (Honestly? teachers make the class. If i had my botany teacher, german teacher, or orchestra teacher tutor me in math the way they did their own respective subjects? i'd be a freaking genius. honest!). Mrs. Brewer was an eccentric woman with the strangest hairdo i've ever seen. She often had us wondering if she was borderling schizophrenia, but we loved her anyway. I'll never forget her dancing "sexily" around the room attempting to get us to play "Habenera" more seductively. It worked. more out of fear of watching her dance around again rather than getting the gist of what she was saying, haha. But honestly -- and i think she knew this -- i could never read music. Four years and i never learned how to read that damn sheet music. i had three splitting folders worth of sheet music! everything from "Rosin eating zombies from outer space" to classics like "Ode to Joy" and "The nutcracker suite" (don't ask me to remember all the more impressive well-known names... this was four years of orchestra we're talking about o.O we played a LOT.) But as far as i can remember, i've always loved the look of sheet music. all the lines and dots... it's like watching a tiny ballet! Well, other than horrible origami abominations i've managed to spit out with a few harvested sheets of the glorious paper, i found something much better...
Meet the paper rose boutonniere (brainchild of "Scarlet" from A complete how-to on making boutonniere's (which could be adapted for bouquets, headdresses, etc...) out of paper! totally easy and amazingly beautiful! If you're a music-buff out there (or want something a little more whimsy mixed with classic) this is perfect! It takes only a few minutes and looks fabulous! of course you don't have to do it with music sheets. you can do it with pretty much any paper. it doesn't even have to be patterned! (If you've ever made any, i'd LOVE to see them!!)

A few other people on the site have made their own fantastic versions already!

I particularly love the version from "Kittybedmaker" with cursive writing on it. Looks like it bloomed straight from the pages of a romance novel!!


Those who know me, know i love to cook. but more than that, i love to bake. (and by "bake" i mean craft up anything sweet and noshable.) Last Halloween the hubs and i actually did what we liked to call "reverse" trick or treating. which is where we made the candy (yes made!) and then delivered it to people while we were in costume.

(i'm going to hate myself for posting this.. *sigh* but the left is my fiance Jim (dressed as a character from his favorite anime "Ichigo" from "Bleach", the middle with the sword is my younger brother Chance dressed as the "Grim Ripper", and that thing to the right is me (Dressed as "Mother Nature" complete with stuffed rabit. all the costumes were hand-made except for Chance's mask and sword.)

I will admit i've lost nearly 30 lbs since that picture though, lol. -- Anyways... long-story-short, we made homemade tootsie-rolls and saltwater taffy. (Recipe is from Loranne Oils package...) we thought about making something like these for the wedding, because you get a ton of little pieces from a half-batch! But it strains your arms something awful and for professional-looking wrappers, it would cost us an arm and a leg! (Traditional wax-paper just doesn't give us the look we want... although then again medieval times didn't exactly have shiny wrappers for candy o.O)

While snooping through the hubs' bookmarks (using his laptop for the summer, how awesome!) i found a site called "Instructables" which led me to some awesome recipes! One of which, is for my weakness. caramels.... Due to time constraint (I.E: totally going camping this weekend with friends!) i'm unable to make them as of yet... but if any of you lovelies happen to whip up a batch, please let me know how they turn out!

But combine those caramels, with some semi-cheap foil wrappers found at your local craft-store, and you've got some nifty little candies to add to your reception (or fill organza bags with them for parting-gifts!). Either way, it gives a tasty homemade touch that i absolutely adore!


Okay, so that's not exactly a "ton" of links i suppose... but i guess i overestimated how many of those tutorials i favorited were for halloween zombie makeup (without using latex! :-D) maybe the next post will be about zombie weddings? ooooh spooky. ;-)



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