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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pics or GTFO

Oh goodness. Okay, where do i start?

First off, there's a long back story involving my grandfather, a trip to Florida, a lot of confusion, and him missing from our lives (again) for 7+ years. (And that's the short story o.O) So yes. Upon his reappearance into our lives, we had to help move him closer.

This man.... *sigh* this man has more furniture than an antique store. I swear to god i counted 17 lamps, 13 skillets in varying sizes, 12 saucepans, 4 soup pots, 1 giant pot i have no idea what it's for, and don't EVEN get me started on that man's china and dishware....

But even through all the packing in 90 degree weather (with no air conditioning, wearing nylon shirt and tight jeans, uphill both ways in the snow... okay i lied about the last part...) we got it finished. I swear if it wasn't for the sweet little old folks (Mary-lou, Mary Allen, Karen, John, Joanne, and Debbie) and whoever stole the walmart shopping carts, we would have been there until 3:00 in the morning unpacking that giant Uhaul. (Also? John is my new favorite old guy besides grandpa. He's an (any) war reinactor (mostly civil war stuff) and he LOVES to do special effects. I'm not gonna go into detail because i'm exhausted, but let's just say that he had a LOT of fun incorporating a butchered cow's leg, an amputee buddy of his, and an audience watching the civil war reinactment going on. Oh god i love this crazy old guy!

Anyways -- because of home drama (which involved storming out the door at 11:00 at night barefoot and walking about a half a mile on a gravel road...) Jim and I have decided to go ahead and look for our own place. our own first place. (woohoo...) Unfortunately, due to (annoying as hell....) medical reasons, i have yet to get my driver's license, diploma/G.E.D, etc. i don't have a job. and i can't GET much of a job. especially living in wonderful BFE... *sigh*. (Bum-Fuck-Egypt for those of you who haven't heard of that before.) So we're looking... window shopping really -- for an apartment or a small house. at LEAST a 1-bedroom 1-bath place with a washer/dryer. and parking nearby without being in the country. (as much as i love it, it would be easier to walk to work without a car than trying to bum rides and sync my schedule up with Jim's...)

So the hunt for a place of our own begins. As if moving grandpa wasn't enough of a challenge. What's more? We can't afford a place higher than 400-a-month (utilities included!).

Le sigh.



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