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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head

I swear to god that man has more dishes than a catering company o.O

We're helping my grandfather move the past few days -- so no time to really update. (But i do suggest you all go check out Axis of Fat. Even if you're not a BBB (Big beautiful bride), you can definitely appreciate her attitude towards all those angry skinny bitches who go gag themselves over a tootsie roll. Just reading her articles makes me want to give her a standing ovation. (But i think if i stood up and clapped excitedly at my computer, my parents would start to worry about my mental health o.O so i'm just gonna settle for a quiet blog post instead, haha).

I think it's wonderful that there are people out there who are totally happy with they way they are, and not just happy, but confident. What's the point of living life anyways if you're not going to enjoy it??

I mean yes, i do plan on losing weight before my wedding day, and i do eat healthier now, and i do exercise a lot more than i used to, but it's not because i want to look skinny on my big day. Screw that o.O I mean for god's sakes, i'm having a handfasting outside with a medieval theme o.O If i cared what people thought i'd be having a proper white wedding with a veil and a tux and all my flowergirls and ringbearers would be born in wedlock o.O but they're not. so if anybody has a problem with it, they can get over it. You don't have to be toothpick Tina to look gorgeous on your big day. There are HUNDREDS of women outside of your little computer-screen and photoshop programs who are plus sized, and we are beautiful. (Plus we have awesomely huge breasts without surgery. so there. :-P)

Anyways, "Axis of Fat" is an awesome confidence boost for any bride with "weight issues" (if you dare call them that) who needs a little push-start to feeling beautiful. We may not be supermodels, but we can damn well feel like it! (and eat our cake too! or something like that...)

Kudos to AOF. You made my overwhelming and tiring day, worth it. completely.


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