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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ah, sweet obsessions...

Oh goodness it's been a while since I've posted anything hasn't it? I apologize! I've been driving myself nuts with my little obsessions... (Facebook games, Knitting, poptab weaving, reading, etc.) It's all been so busy lately and yet i feel as though I've not really completed anything! (and i have yet to get my camera fixed... so i can't show off my knitting or my weaving! damn!)

Oh and new layout! Blogspot decided to give us these nifty new layouts you can customize within an inch of it's life... i fell for the dandelionss... lol.

Anyhow, my point is that I've become a little obsessed with a few things lately. Number one being my knitting.

Of all people in the world to teach me to knit, it had to be my boyfriend! Unfortunately, it's not with needles. it's with looms! (All of my grandmothers died before i was old enough to say my own name, and most of my aunts live halfway across the country or just plain don't know how!)
These "knifty knitting looms" can be found at pretty much any craft store and are easier than making a metaphor at how easy it is to do! A lot of people I've talked to didn't even know they existed, or if they did simply thought they were limited to hats and scarves, blankets, and etc. (basically tubes and squares o.O) but it's actually pretty easy to get the hang of, and when you get going, you can almost make anything that comes to mind! So far i've finished a pair of socks, a few dozen hats, working on another pair of socks (out of striped blue gorgeous yarn!) and i'm even working on the most adorable green dinosaur hoodie for one of my friend's little 5 month old Declan.

(Isn't he a handsome little squirt? If they haven't moved to Texas by the time the wedding gets here, he's gonna be our studly ring bearer!)

So of course with me knitting my fingertips away i got to wondering.... we love knitting so much, is there a possible way to incorporate it into the wedding? Well... so far, short of knitting your own garter belt (which i'm not wearing because it'd be uncomfortable for us both...) i haven't really found much! which depresses me actually.

So i began thinking... "what kind of things can one knit?" well, a short trip around the internet can tell you this... You can knit pretty much anything! And boy do i mean anything! People nowadays aren't just knitting socks and sweaters, they're crafting some absolutely amazing things! I've come across everything from Pokemon and Mario toys, to purses and slippers, hammocks, all kinds of nifty items! But one thing i came across that made me feel like a real dolt was this...


Lace could be knitted! (If you performed a facepalm i don't blame you, haha.) Now i don't know about you, but when i think wedding i think lace! Now i may have to invest in some needles and spend some quality time with some crafty ladies (or men!) and their Youtube tutorials -- but at least i have plenty of time to learn!

Now you could use the lace for almost anything! You could stitch it to the edge of your veil, adorn your handmade wedding dress (or one of the fab ones from Etsy!) -- there's a hundred different things you could do with lace and with the right tools and the right creativity the possibilities are endless! Upon researching what one could knit for a wedding, i actually came across a rather intriguing website! Apparently they held an entirely knitted wedding where one was allowed to knit during the ceremony, and even the food at the reception was crafted from the soft stuff! As fuzzy and warm as that all sounded it might be a bit much for my own wedding, haha. but still an amazing feat!


The 24th was our 5-year anniversary and we both agree, it doesn't feel that long ago since we met! (We were both in German class together with the same teacher between two different schools, i was a freshman, he was a senior and we were penpals between! Only allowed to write in German and only got to see eachother during field trips. it was all very romantic. sort of. haha.) so we celebrated by doing what we do every year -- shopping! We stopped off at Goodwill and picked up a pair of sweat-jeans (not really sure what to call them? They're bootcut jeans but at the top it's got the button and the zipper and instead of belt loops, it's the top of those super comfy pajama sweatpants!) and i'm in love with them!! On top of that we nabbed a few new coffee cups of various sizes for the apartment we're saving up for, and some to-die-for tie-dyed purple fabric i had to have! (but have no idea what to do with it! o.O) After that we stopped around a few random places and checked things out... ended up buying some cake decorating tips and a pastry bag (so i could make some fancy tops for my cupcakes i've been doing) and managed to grab a 6-pack of mikes hard lemonade to celebrate! (because i hate wine and beer, but we're sick of Daqueries...)

Ended up spending the next day over at my Grandfather's introducing Jim to Jim (we're seriously inviting like Jim's to the wedding; My dad, Grandpa, my fiance, his dad, his grandfather, our friend, my dad's friend... the list goes on, lol!) and stopped by one of our favorite little mom and pop stores: "Herbs and Heirlooms" (a store for home brewery, teas, herbs, and often occult items) and left with some nifty new glass bottles, a fake set of pearls (because i freaking adore pearls!) and a pendant of an agate geode with a dangling chunk of citrine in the middle. (Gawd i'm dying to show you guys pictures!! i wish my camera worked! D: )

Anyhow, we had an awesome anniversary! (and for those of you who have me added on Facebook, thank you so much for the well wishes! they were all greatly appreciated :-D)

I promise to update a little more often, haha. i know i've got a few things i've been dying to turn into posts!



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