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Friday, July 23, 2010

David, David, David... *sigh*

I know before, i praised David Tutera and his girly little show like there was no tomorrow... and yes, it is my little obsession....

but I've come to an understanding...

I don't watch the show because the man "is a genius" ... rather, i watch it for the things the brides do!

Watching his recent episode of the "cowgirl bride" actually made me want to punch him.


I'm a huge follower of "" -- which was introduced to me by the most offbeat couple i know (whom i love, you know who you are m'dears) and they're all about being who you are on your wedding day. Want to wear flip flops, jean cutoff shorts and a tie-dye tanktop for your wedding? do it! don't worry about stressing out over the perfect dress... DIY everything, and have fun... don't stick to the rules, etc!

It's come to my attention that David is the complete opposite...

He was absolutely APPALLED at the fact that this little Texas bride wanted to wear worn cowboy boots (with purple accents) on her wedding day... so what!? He looked like he was about to shit himself at the idea! Hell personally? I'm dying to buy a pair of Ruby slippers for my own wedding... and i see nothing wrong with it. I plan on adorning my bridesmaids in faerie wings, and wreaths of flowers... If someone dares to call my wedding a costume party, then I'll remember it as the best damn costume party i've ever been to! and they can proceed to smooch my lardy white behind!

It's basically just made me realize how much i appreciate the offbeat community and how extremely supportive they are for each other and any new members! There are quite a few websites that are easily accessible that offer a huge array of projects for the DIY bride and her DIY reception and/or Ceremony!

When i first began watching "My Fair Wedding", i used to have this vision of perfection... of having every little thing just perfect, and how i'd squeal with delight if he showed up and made my medieval/Renaissance wedding a reality.... but the more i tune in, the more i realize... he hates everything i love!

The color green? hates it. DIY things? hates it. Non-Couture gowns? If you look like crap, he'll change it. if you look gorgeous, he'll make you change into something for the reception... If you go completely "offbeat" and do something crazy (I.e: swamp bride, Texas bride, etc.) he "spiffs" everything up and takes it way out of what my own comfort zone would have been!

(And i swear to god if i see those pink/blue/purple lights in ONE MORE design of his, I'm jabbing a brooch through his temple, so help me!)

Well, anyways... this whole post (as scatterbrained as it is) was meant to be me simply conveying my thoughts on the whole "i wanna be a DIY bride" bit, but turned out more as a "Let's bash David" post o.O oops....

point being, I'm leaving couture behind. (not that i ever followed it anyways... ha!) and fully embracing my DIY-ness.

I'll take some online instructions, blurry pictures, and an electric drill over etiquette and posh any day!



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