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Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday's Spotlight: Running late as usual! :-D

        You guys willing to take the excuse that i seriously thought all day today was thursday?? Because i did. It wasn't until Jim got out of the shower and started putting on his khaki's and work-shirt did i realise "o.O fuck. it's friday." So dearest apologies. I'll be more on-time with these in the future.

        This Friday's spotlight is on one fantastic artist! I am seriously in love with this woman, her artwork, the storyline, everything! Her name? Pia "Yapi" Santiago. (or better known in my household as "*SQUEEEE!*") With her birthday coming up tomorrow (and for another excuse to stalk her...) i figured i would feature her this week and make her feel all warm n' fuzzy inside (or totally creeped out, one of the two...)

        I first discovered 30 year old Yapi from the Phillipines (that must be an amazing place to be from. seriously. I have too many wicked friends that are Filipino... The food ain't half bad either!) -- and her kickass Troll men while looking for examples of my favorite Warcraft race on Deviantart and stumbled across her infamous Meiles. (insert drool here.) (My version of him looks like a backwards naked school portrait somewhere o.O but eh it's free fanart right?)

(Tell me you wouldn't want to nom on that all night!)

        Though the story of these two mismatched lovers isn't written down anywhere publicly available (damn!) her little snippets into the lives and histories are always a welcome sight in my inbox! Don't get me wrong though, she draws much MUCH more than just sexy, scrumptious, jamaican-accent'd, blue guys with tusks and pudgy, adorable, squishy elves -- but they're my favorites (and I'm looking forward to Jim and I's anniversary because i am so going to commission her for a pic of Illo, Al, and Valkyron -- Though that commish might end up somewhere other than Deviantart... *wink wink*)

        On top of her Warcraft art, she also does some pretty wicked commissions including (but not limited to:) Mermaids, Rhino-men, TMNT, Bleach, and a variety of other mesmerizing bits of fanart. This month, in honor of her birthday, she started $5 sketch commissions, as well as a free raffle for a small bit of art that has her fans clamoring for positions -- i myself entered and am on pins and needles to see who wins!

        So if you haven't been over to stalk favorite her yet, go do so! Her livestreams are always fun, she's super bubbly, and hell i bet she'd even treat you to some singing if you asked real nicely! 
        Congratulations Yapi m'luv for being awesome enough to grab an entire post to yourself today! I'll be awaiting my restraining order eagerly XD 


        P.S. -- you have NO idea how hard it was to find art of hers that wasn't done for someone else >.< So you get Meiles twice. (quit complaining and drool already.)

(Monday, you guys get to see my unmentionables as well as a project i hope to finish before next winter o.O)


ALL IMAGES POSTED IN THIS ENTRY BELONG TO YAPI. STEALING IS NOT PERMITTED AND CAN (AND WILL) BE DEALT WITH SERIOUSLY. We will not just threaten to send rabid flying monkeys at you, you can seriously get sued for that kind of shit, so think before you try and claim it as your own -- Yapi has a lot of viewers and fans and they'll know it's not yours.


Yapi said...

Asdfgh asdfgh aaaaugh I'm all flushed and embarrassed! Hahahaha. I don't think I've ever had anyone write a blog entry with this much attention to me XD But aaaaugh thank you, you did succeed in making me feel warm and fuzzy <3

...I think you may be overplaying the "Yapi has a lot of viewers and fans" part, though, haha!

(BTW, all my artwork that is done for myself and is not fanart can be found in the "Originals" folder in my gallery. It's the top one in the left margin ^^)

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