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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Be Gentle, it's my first time... XD

Alright my lovelies and soon-to-be Lovelies, This is my first EVER blog post. Ever. (Because teenage "OMG HE'S CUTE" posts on livejournal don't count, lol)

I created this blog in hopes of relieving my family and friends (and complete strangers i meet in the grocery store...) of the "Whaddya think?" questions about my wedding -- and also, to get (and give) some insight into the world of weird weddings. Now be gentle with me, as this is my first post...

A few of the things i'm going to spam you with, is as follows:

* Favors
* Invitations
* Dresses!
* Shoes
* Bouquets
* Decor
* Jewelry
* Traditions
and more :-P

I'm warning you now, i don't care much for people correcting my speech/typing. Sometimes i mispell things on purpose, and sometimes i just don't catch them. PLEASE don't be a grammar nazi >.> -- also, the only rules i have on here, is to be kind towards everybody. no flaming, no wars, no nothing hear me? if you don't like something, that's fine. But dont say it so it hurts anybody or else i'll get out my whoopin' stick. <3

Anyways... a little about myself:

My name is Mindy, and i'm 20 years old. I've been engaged to my amazing fiance for about 2 years... why so long? School. Finances. Unemployment, etc. the usual XD But what time we've been given to plan this baby means it's going to be awesome. <3

Our date was actually decided upon (sort of) a few weeks ago. (We don't have a DAY set... just a month and a year.) We figured we'd set a date y'know... before the end of the world -- haha, and say October 2012 (sometime around halloween prefferably.). We are possibly having TWO weddings... One traditional, and one a pagan handfasting. We are in fact, pagans. No, we do not sacrifice children/goats, we don't have moonlit orgies, and we don't walk around the mall in ritual robes threatening to wave our wands and turn people into frogs or make them fall in love with someone. it doesn't work that way. >.> (Please no anti-pagan spam here. I will not tolerate it, and i know many others who won't either.)

We don't have any children, but we're looking forward to it. I have a niece named Chloe (She'll be our flower girl) and a TON of friends-- most of which are bridesmaids XD.

Well, enough is enough. ON TO THE FIRST POSTS!



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