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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wedding march? you've got to be kidding me....

(This post is under construction, so if the videos don't work, i'll get them to. promise!)

First off, apologies for the lack of updates -- we've been having some really bad storms here and our internet's been a little sketchy. (Off for 10 minutes, then back for 3, then off for 20, back on for two hours, back off again for the rest of the evening, back on for the morning, then off again for 15 minutes. ugh... it sucks.)

But i figured i'd share what kept me sane most of the day: Music.

I've been making a list of songs i love ever since he first proposed and while getting to play most of them is another story, i figured i'd share a few with you guys. ^.^


First off, i wanted to say kudos to those of you who did something different for your weddings, and didn't use the wedding march. Honestly and truthfully i hate it. I think it sounds horrible, and it's definately something a lot of people have already done for hundreds of years. If you marched down that Aisle to Black sabbath or some amazing orchestral piece, or maybe even your nieces singing "Twinkle twinkle little star" i give you major brownie points.


Now i'm not sure if some of these are good "wedding march" replacements, but there's definately a spot reserved for them at my reception. :-D (also, they're in no particular order. usually just what youtube would let me load first... haha)

1. "Once in a million years" -- Blackmore's Night :: This band was introduced to me by my German teacher with the song "Loreley"and it's been one of my favorites ever since. This song has a wonderful "First dance" feel to it (to me at least o.O) and is really well suited for more medieval/celtic weddings. (After all, Blackmore's night predominantly plays at Ren fairs!)

2. "Amazed" -- Lonestar :: This song is one of those mushy "d'aww..." songs, but when i was a little teenager dating my first boyfriend this was the kind of music i listened to, and to some is still relevant. I think it's a wonderful song and if it wasn't for the fact that it makes me think of the ghosts of exes past, i'd totally put it on my list of reception songs.

3. "I don't wanna miss a thing" -- Aerosmith :: Okay, so he may not be pretty and you might not wanna play the music video at your wedding, but i still love this song. Back when Jim and I were first together (about... oh... 3-4 years ago?) I was having a horrible evening. Usually he'd send me poetry or a funny comic. But one night he sent me this song, and it's been one of my absolute favorites ever since. This may not be our "first dance" song, but it's definately going to be on the list.

4. "Can you feel the love tonight" -- Elton John :: Yes it's cheesy. Yes it's Disney. Yes it's Elton John (yes i'm aware he's not the original singer, but i like this version better...). but you know what? I love it anyway! XD -- This would definately be a perfect first dance song. I LOVE this version of it too, because it's got so much amazing background music to it, and his voice is perfect in this. *sigh*

5. "Collide" -- Howie Day :: Okay, not a big "first dance" song, but i think it'd be adorable to dance to this with all the other couples on the floor. ^.^ (Suggested by my friend Rachel :-D one of my amazing bridesmaids-to-be!) -- also? i love the video to this. Not sure i'd play it though, haha. but they did well on it.

6. "Only you can love me this way" -- Keith Urban :: An amazing first dance song, and one of my favorites. It's slow, it's sweet, and the lyrics are perfect. (Also? sorry for all the country songs. it's been one of my kicks lately...)

7. "Faithfully" -- Journey :: I've heard this song ever since i was able to hold my head up and bounce to it. His voice is amazing and quiet -- perfect for a slow dance -- and though it honestly has nothing to do with weddings other than "love", i'm still playing it at mine!

8. "As long as you're mine" -- Wicked :: For those of you who have never gone to see "Wicked" the musical (the life and times of the wicked witch of the west) you should. it's not all "i'll get you my pretty!" -- and it's very romantic in parts. Because this musical is so special to us (for a variety of reasons) i want this song at my own wedding. Your guests don't have to know it's about the scarecrow and the wicked witch. ;-)

9. "We were strangers" -- Anastasia :: (First off, no it's not actually Disney. but i'm not getting into that argument.) Second? I love the musician's version rather than the one played at the end of the cartoon-movie, but i can't seem to find it and the library doesn't have a copy of the soundtrack anymore. *pout*. I've used it a couple of times for family-reunion videos and it's always left people in tears and grinning ear to ear. (A cute idea we had for the music, was to que it up to Family photos and etc. while everyone's dancing, so those who don't want to dance get to see videos instead of a giant logo-brand of our names on the back wall. Plus, we both do a lot of video-editing so it'd be a nod towards that. Windows movie maker would work just fine as well.)

10. "Liebe Ist" -- Nena :: (Suggested by the hubs) Now this probably isn't very fit for your wedding (unless you can read german or are from germany etc.) but we think it'd be perfect for us (Since we met in German class and our German teacher played matchmaker, lol). It's a wonderfully slow song, and it means a lot to us. (The translation is "Love is" btw.)

Okay, that's all i've got for now. my top ten songs worth playing. (There's plenty more, but we've got rather awkward taste in music, haha.)

I'd love to hear what you have planned/have played at your wedding :-D the kitschier and more unique, the better!



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