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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Red and Yellow and Pink and green.... Purple and Orange and Bluuuuue.....

I saw a rainbow today! :-D it made me think of how awesome it would be to have a rainbow on your wedding day, and how it kind of ties in with the "if it rains on your big day, it means good luck and prosperity!"

Anyways, i thought for the fun of it, i'd make a Rainbow Inspro board. (and because i'm trolling around Etsy and google waiting on the cookies to get done...) So what do we get? This lovely thing.

(not sure why it turned out soo blurry?)

  1. No self-respecting Rainbow wedding could go without a rainbow wedding dress. Though this one's not for sale, the bride who had it, had a wonderful imagination and perfectly executed her plan.
  2. Though this is meant for a super small toddler, this dress is just too adorable not to be a flower girl dress. Look at all the tulle!
  3. Rainbow cake!! Think of the sound of gasps across the room as you and your hubby cut into the perfect pristine white cake, only to let out an explosion of color! Woohoo!
  4. Rainbow stockings underneath the dress? Definitely. I would totally wear these underneath my own dress if i could find a pair that fits!
  5. Rainbow headbands to coordinate your brides!
  6. This bouquet (according to the website) is not photoshopped. They're actual roses injected with dye to make them tie-dye awesome.
  7. Organza gift bags dyed in rainbow colors would make perfect favor bags.
  8. Those who know me, know i'm nuts over dragonflies, and when i came across this pendant on Etsy i think i fangirl squealed o.O It's gorgeous. truly truly gorgeous.
  9. The favors for a rainbow wedding could be practically anything, but these homemade colorful chapsticks are useful and give a welcome splash of color!
  10. I literally looked everywhere to find a rainbow-related ring that wasn't quarter-machine cheapo, or too gaudy for my own tastes. (If you like the chunky stuff, go for it!) but i though this was a neat twist.
  11. Why not dye your hair to match your dress? Who needs a veil!? just stick a few barrettes in, or a couple of bright and neon flowers and you've got your own adorable accent nobody will ever forget! (and it's super easy too!)
  12. Gotta have something for the grooms. I mean, why do the girls get to have all the fun? what's more playful than rainbow lego cufflinks!? match this with a brightly colored tie and vest and you've got one handsome man.
  13. Another idea (and cheap!) for favors, are homemade rainbow crayons. Just cut them to size, melt them in some tin foil, and you've got a instant rainbows anywhere you go!
  14. I love the idea of mismatched bridesmaids the more i think about it. When i first started looking all i could think is "But look at them! their dresses are all different sizes and shades of color!" but now that i've got 8 bridesmaids and a maid of honor -- all coming in different shapes, sizes, heights, and busts, i'm seeing the light of mismatched girlies. These? were well played. very gorgeous!
  15. Found these the other day on Etsy and i totally want to make my own. They're upcycled crayola box fronts turned into useable notepads. Perfect for favors. (or if you could get one of those HUGE boxes of like, 600 crays, you could turn it into your guest book and have a bowl of crayons beside it so your guests can write you some rainbow wishes!)
  16. Yet another Etsy find. Adorable paper butterflies. you could stick these in bouquets, on some swags, cupcakes, anything you like. too cute not to get.
  17. Last but not least, i had SOOOO much trouble finding a pair of shoes that would match this theme! everything was either stiletto heels, or super chunky sandals with hardly any color... But i found these. I'm rather happy with them. (i think i'd like to have mine in white though for a wedding, but i would wear these anywhere just as they are!).
So that's it. all i could grab off the net for a rainbow wedding on the fly. Though i'll probably never have such a technicolor wedding, it's fun to dream. ;-)



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