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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Center of Attention

I must admit, most girls i talk to say that they've "Dreamed of their wedding ever since they were a little girl!" i never did. Nor have most of my friends for that matter. Most of us were busy convincing the neighbor kids we were really peter pan, or collecting shiny objects off the ground like preoccupied little squirrels. We had no need for playing dress-up with mommy's old clothes when there was "Indian Soup" to be made! So not once can i ever say i dreamed of my big day. I guess that's why i'm doing it now? Anyways... this post is dedicated to centerpieces! :-D yay... because i dont know about you, but the idea of some strange group of florists messing with my flowers and depending on THEM to have them on time and in the correct place drives me insane. But maybe that's just my mild OCD kicking in. lol

Point being, i'm picky about my centerpieces. I've never been a huge fan of all the roses and carnations... I've never wanted imported tulips from holland. Heck the most "exotic" flower i think i'd have at my wedding is a tiger lily plucked from the side of the road and medical-taped together while i'm running late for my own walk down the aisle! anywho, i want my reception to be special, and to me? it doesn't really matter what kind of flowers will be there, as long as they don't cost me an arm and a leg, and nobody can tell if they're silk or not. haha. (seriously, if they're cheaper? i'm going for it o.O)

Also? the three-to-six foot tall centerpieces that tower over the table and draped in swarovski crystals? sorry luvs, but that just doesn't get my panties wet like it does all those "haute-Couture" brides. I'd rather have tealight candles and teapots lining my tables than that crap.

So far i've found a *couple* of centerpieces that have caught my eye... what are they you ask? well let's find out!

First off are these oh-so-lovely DIY lanterns. I've seen some gorgeous ones made from simple soda-cans as well, and can be spray-painted to match your decor! You could do heart, leaves, stars, reindeer, Glinda-the-good-witch, anything you so please so long as you have a sturdy drill, lots of patience, and a can-opener! Slide a tealight candle into these and you'll instantly get a wonderful candlelit dinner with all the ambiance one could ask for. (I actually have these little brass doodads in my bedroom that will shoot stars and moons on the cieling when lit by a candle on the inside. they're awesome.)

Second, is an inspiration from these wonderful people here, about putting assorted buttons in jars. Mix these with some candles in jars and some flowers and VOILA! :-D -- of course i'm a little on the... er... OCD end of the stick, and id rather do like this lovely crafter above did, and place all my color-coded buttons in their own jars, rather than mixing them all up in a jar, however totally awesome it looks.

Thirdly, is this amazing idea i've had ever since i first seen these baby-food jars, suspended from tree branches, lit with tiny candles... It's hanging flowers! I've seen this done on sooooo many wedding sites that i kinda feel a little like "eh, i've seen it before... " but seriously? i still want to do this. I think it's adorable, and gives that DIY feel. Informal, instead of everybody having to sit down to a formal dinner and using napkins and etc. Well anyways-- i think it'd be perfect (for my own wedding at least...) stop by the local whatsit store, and grab a few assorted bottles in different shapes, sizes, and color and then just pour a little water, grab some of your neighbor's tulips (if they don't mind that is.. haha) and you've got yourself a nifty centerpiece for mere cents! (The Picture above is the store ill probably be visiting.. "Herbs and Heirlooms" they're amazing and they're in my town! They have SHELVES upon shelves of bottles from bath stuff, wine, those wierd curvy ones that used to have peppers and stuff in them.. all types!)

Another (and sadly i don't have a good picture for this one...) Is a backyard centerpiece. Walk around your backyard (or local park) and find some nature-y things to stick in there! Pinecones, Acorns, Leaves, Flowers, pretty rocks, (the creek by my house has shale in it which is actually pretty cool...) Shells even! all kinds of things! Just find yourself some old Apothecary jars, or those fancy glass things at a hobby and craft store, and stuff em' full of stuff from your backyard. you get that natur-y feel without the Craft-store price. (Because you know, when they spray it with glitter and hot-glue crystals to all the branches and crap it's TOTALLY worth 20 more dollars... psh.)

We're doing an October wedding. Why? Why not!? Well one of the things i'm looking forward to doing, is playing off of the "Halloween" Vibes! (We were *going* to get married ON halloween... but that's when we're thinking of holding the handfasting instead...) So why not grab a pumpkin or 12, and use your elementary school know-how, and carve up some pumpkins for your centerpieces? You don't have to do silly faces or super-elaborate carved designs... a simple monogramed Initial would work just fine, and looks even classier. Afraid of catching Aunt Mary's hair on fire? Did Cousin Jane use too much hairspray? No worries. Go candleless and use battery-powered lights inside. (You can even get some that flicker now. it's awesome!)

Lanterns (again with the candlelight... geeze i must be a secret pyro or something... o.O) -- that AREN'T made of tin-cans, give an outdoorsy feel, along with the romantic glow. they can also keep your relatives from catching them and their surroundings ablaze. Jim and I are actually thinking about having our bridesmaids carry larger lanterns, lit, and embellished with flowers or ivy or something -- instead of bouquets.


Well, i know it's not much, but when it comes to centerpieces -- as i said -- i'm picky. If you guys have any of your favorites you'd like to share that are a little off-beat or rustic, feel free! i'd love to see them!



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