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Saturday, May 22, 2010

There are tumbleweeds making nests in my inbox....

Cake porn!

Okay, i felt like making a few cake inspro boards, because Jim was spamming me with cake designs, haha. He really seems to like Sakura blossoms o.O (he'd graft his brain to an asian guy if he had the chance, haha -- he loves anything Asian. the culture, the art, the stories, all of it. and i don't blame him, it's enchanting!) anyways, here's *his* inspro board. (put together by me. I only have a few cites too btw, if you happen to know where these came from, please let me know so i can post them beneath here. he didn't send me the links, only the pictures.)

Okay first off...
  • the top left, he wants to make it very clcear he doesn't like the color. just the blossoms. Honestly i'm not a fan of the thickness of the branches, or the height/thickness of the cake. too thin for me o.O looks like it'd feed 8 people total....
  • Top Middle -- one we both agreed on. It's square (more people / cake ratio) and it has the sakura blossoms. Unfortunately, the blossoms are just a little odd and out-of-place in an october harvest-themed wedding o.O
  • Top Right -- Ahaha... okay, this was meant to be a placeholder, and i ended up leaving it there. We're both huge fans of Dr. Who, and this is by far the best Dalek cake i've ever seen. (dude... it moves o.o amazing...)
  • Mid Left -- oooooooh pretty. I remember back in my sophomore year i made a gingerbread church that had stained glass windows made of candy. they weren't nearly as intricate and beautiful as these... looks christmassy though in this picture.
  • Center -- Okay i'm going to say this right now. I HATE the color. flat out hate it. (but it's probably because on my screen it's glowing neon magenta... ew.) but the roses -- as he suggested -- would be replaced with something like those sakura blossoms. too many flowers for me o.O
  • Mid right -- Caaaaan you feeeeeeeeeel the looooooooooove toniiiiiiiiiight? Ok, that was mean. but it reminds me of the lion king. haha. i wonder if we could get giraffe bride and groom cake toppers? (or maybe more like a giraffe in a top hat, and an elephant/hippo in a veil? haha. oh i'm mean to myself.)
  • Bottom Left -- I rather like the neat stencil pattern they used there. Its really unique. :-) however, he likes the color. I? do not. I dislike pink. and lavendar. and pretty much everything pastel. The oval shape is neat though. :-D
  • Bottom Center -- more sakura blossoms. but this time on a circular cake.
  • Bottom Right -- "An Irish Wedding Cake" he says. Okay. i don't like the roses. (i think roses are over done in weddings honestly...) but i do like the iced effect rather than the use of fondant. Very pretty :-D
Overall babe? i love your choices, but i think we need to tone down on the sakura blossoms, haha. Maybe if we did the cake to look like ancient parchment painted in chinese ink style with the mountains and the trees in blue and black ink, and had the blossoms coming off the cake like 3d effect it could work -- maybe even be closer to the color pallete... but not pink, haha. like you said -- more 1st anniversary or something XD

Now for my inspro cake board.

  • Top Left -- The cake topper is a golden tree constructed of -- what looks like -- wire and beads. Considering we're pagan i think it's an adorably crafty nod to our religion without screaming pentagrams and goddess symbols. (bah. i lost the link to this one.. if anybody sees it lying around somewhere, could you send it to me? much thanks!)
  • Top Center -- I've been toying around with the idea of using little circles of wood for all kinds of things, but as far as i've gotten is maybe place setters... but since we're going to do more of a potluck dinner (more on that later), it's really informal, and there's no real need for place setters o.O so when i saw these i absolutely squealed with girlish joy. Way better than laser cut designs. It's a wooden cupcake. haha.
  • Top Right -- (not sure where this link got to either, but it's raspberry chocolate cupcakes...) We can't have strawberries on our cake (our favorite fruit...) due to family allergies, so what's the next best thing? well.. it's red, it has a lot of seeds, and when paired with chocolate it's almost better than sex..... Raspberries. ooooh baby yeah. that was about the only thing inspro from those was the flavor.... lol
  • Mid Left -- Mmmm... chocolate... *insert Homer Simpson drool sound here*. I love this cake. It's got the gold, and the metallic greens and autumny colors i've been dying to get my hands on! not too overly done like with flowers... perfect.
  • Center -- Sort of stained-glass-y yet autumny. perfect! yet it seems a little empty. (a pumpkin spice, or chai tea cake would be amazing inside that fondant...)
  • Mid Right -- For those of you who don't know it yet, i have a thing for dragonflies... so pairing it up with stained glass like this? Wow. just.. wow. All of it was hand-piped too, no stick-on sugar things on this baby!
  • Cupcake 6 -- Banana cupcakes with maple brown butter frosting. Holy jeezus on a pogo stick... this is why i love "ming makes cupcakes". Those things look so good i can practically smell them!
  • Cupcake 10 -- Apple cupcakes with Caramel frosting. (Another fantastic recipe from "ming makes cupcakes". Again with the caramel apple theme... but very elegantly done! gorgeous.
  • Bottom Left -- (missing another link.. gah. Mozilla hates me i swear it. Damn fox.) Okay okay, i know i know. i get on Jim for his sakura thing, he can get on me for my caramel apples. but at least mine fits with the October theme... -- These are apple spice cupcakes covered in fondant and decorated with nuts to look like caramel apples. awesome idea. :-D (just keep away from those with allergies.)
  • Bottom Center -- (Mozilla you sly bastard. stop losing my links! -_-) the leaves used to cover the cupcake (instead of a soft-serve style mountain of icing...) is too cute. the blended colors are just too pretty to eat! mmm... but what kind of cupcake to go inside? ooooh the sweet possibilities....
(As soon as i find/get the links to those missing pictures i will be sure to update them!)

So that's it for cake porn for now! Ah... but what to do about the next post? (from now on there's probably going to be a two-to-three day wait between posts so i have time to finish knitting and cleaning and etc... but expect random updates. going to be working on a new header for the site too as soon as i can get my photoshop up and running. Paintshop pro died on me quite recently, so i'm using the Hubs' photoshop. Farewell my Sims 2... you shall be missed. Hello gorgeous art program. ooooh baby.



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