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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Inspiration comes in many forms...

"Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence." - Oscar Wilde

Oscar's right, you need a lot of imagination to have a successful marriage (or at least in my opinion) or else things get boring. It's the same with planning the wedding itself. A lot of websites out there boast gorgeous inspiration boards combining awe-inspiring dresses, jewelry, shoes, bouquets, cakes, etc., etc., etc. Well, if you haven't tried to create one yourself already, i highly suggest you should. (You can do this easily using Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, Paint Shop, or even some of the downloadable programs for collages. You can even do it the old fashioned way and cut-and-paste photos from magazines and keep it in a binder or a corkboard).

By making your own Inspro boards, you can gather your thoughts and ideas into one place -- whether it's neatly organized or splattered together is your own choice. (if it helps you think better having cut-outs from magazines scattered in a shoebox, then go for it. If you'd rather use a ruler and a scalpel and laminate them neatly in place, then go for that. It's your choice entirely.)

One of the more useful sites i've come across is It's free to sign up and to use their awesome amazing applications. You can even link your account with your facebook page. Cool, right? Well they offer a inspiration-board making device to make things easier for you. From there you can upload your own photos, or you can even browse their gigantic collection of beautiful photos.

Or if you just want to browse and get inspiration without doing all the work, try browsing around google or bing (bing seems better for images than google. you don't seem to get as much o.O)
Another fun site is Project Wedding. They're STUFFED with Inspiration boards!

But enough shameless plugs! I'd love to see some of your own Inspro boards! Just for S&G's, i'm posting three of my own i created the last couple of days. (They're my first so don't judge too hard!)

First off (my least favorite) is my "Asian-inspired" Inspro board. (The only reason it's my least favorite, is because it was hard to find things that matched with the colors Red white and pink. I love all the ideas, just not the pictures here... haha). Lots of Origami, lots of Sakura, red for luck, etc. (Except for the ruby slippers... they just matched the red wedding dress, and it's a nod towards my utter obsession with Wicked and the wizard of Oz). Though most all of my bridesmaids said they hated pink as a dress color, i loved that dress. *cry* it's gorgeous. Maybe i could find it in red if we did it this way.

This is my favorite! More Medieval-gold-and-pearl themed. Love the Faerie wings, love the greek sandals, love everything! If i could only afford that dress. *sigh*.

This is more of my "venue and reception" type of Inspro board. I've got a thing for pumpkins and autumn leaves so there's a lot of spam of them, haha. The Jones Soda in the left corner are (amazing) Orange cream and Green apple (love!). I'm in LOVE with the idea of using pumpkins as coolers and bowls. Also? i may or may not be a total pyro.... haha. Candles = LOVE! so yeah. lots of candlelight and soft glow.

So how about you? Have any Inspro boards you'd like to share? i'd love to see them! :-D



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